Connections, help a bro out!!

Level 2
And by bro I don't mean myself I just mean one in general, but as we all know..Some of the most selling-est things that sell online all-day everyday are electronics..whether up-to-date, broken, somewhat old, re-furb Whatever what have all sells.

I recently moved back from the East Coast to California where I was born and raise but been out there seven years and it felt like forever..
Don't have the connections that I used to, And need to make new ones and have been but the game has changed.. Everything is online it seems well for the most part..

If you wouldn't mind sharing some advice here on how to connect with either wholesalers or just that guy or girl that always has and can get electronics and is willing to do business if say somebody buys a bulk amount.
Is that giving up trade secrets I don't know, just asking. If anything at all, just breaking ice.