Creating your own business hours

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***This tip is for those of us who have a 9am-5pm job***

I have been selling on this platform for a few months now and I have found another great method to boost sales. I work in marketing for an online retailer and have a tight schedule after work. Sometimes meeting up after 5 pm could be a hassle or scary for some sellers.


I started taking items people were intrested in to work with me. If a buyer is ready to meet, I give them my work address. They arrive and we do the exchange in the front lobby where there is always a receptionist and cameras. Once I started bringing items and was available during the day time, I started seeing my sales increase.


The exchange can be a few seconds or minutes none the less it's not a bother to my employer. As sales increased I started disclaimimg on all posts that I am only available week days during the hours of 8 am-430pm. This way I can have set business hours and not feel like it's a hassle to meet up as even buyers have commented they like the idea of meeting me at work. It's safer for both parties and all though rare if an item did not work as advertised they can always come back and meet me here.

This changed has increased my availabilty and my sales, I hope this tip helps someone out there!

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@Jurissaj These are great! Thank you for sharing with the community! 

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That a really great idea, sometimes I get a buyer or find things I want to buy but can never set a good time for both outside of work. Thanks for sharing the idea.

I just wanna add on, I think we should be able to put more info other than a photo on our public profile, that way we can add things like self introduction, preferred meeting place and times etc.
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I was just thinking the same thing!
To be able to add a short bio to the profile would be awesomeSmiley Wink
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@Mark4 @GreatDeals1 I love both of those ideas Smiley Happy

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Wow nice great tip! 👍
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You talk about setting your own hours.  I never get up before 10 am and have breakfast natural 1pm and take a short vacation once a month.   It's a rough life

 But some one has to do it.

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Not too bad of an idea!
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I meet my customers at a public place the pharmacy near my house I always tell customers I can meet with them up until 9:10 p.m. because it's open until that time there's cameras there there's lights when I feel safe in public I don't want anybody knowing my address my home address so I don't ever get in my home address but reading in public is fine especially in a place like that where there's cameras
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I totally agree I think that we should be able to add to our profile maybe a little bio just a few words maybe something like where we like to meet at and the hours that you were willing to meet people in the public willing to negotiate or not things like that would be great if we could put it in her profile picture or bio