Creating your own business hours

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Thank you for this.
Great info!
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That’s a good idea
I think having the opportunity to add a short bio would help to sell better.
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@Refinedrustics That is something we've heard before and something we can look into if that's something we think other people would like as well. Smiley Happy I'd love to hear what other community members think. 

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Thanks for the great adviceSmiley Happy! Have a great day.
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That is a great idea. I take my stuff with me just in case I find someone I can offer it to since I distribute skin treatments.
@Elin, how do I realist a previously sold listing?
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Hi @kell86, Welcome to the forum.

What brings you to OfferUp? The selling or the buying?

Enjoy your day.

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I do the same thing I fill one big tote with items I sell and if I hear someone looking for I have it in my car cause I work in retail I hear them say they looking for this I may hav in my trunk or tell the customer to me at my job my sales been increased as well I just don’t like those people be trying to lower ur price when it’s firm price