Creating your own business hours

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Hello @Bklegacy,

I like the way you stay prepared! Smiley Happy

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Definitely. I love the idea of meeting that way. I can definitely see it increasing sales.
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Hey @Kracker, Welcome to the forum! Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you
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Np, i just need a little guidance, maybe even a tutor to show me little more how this works, and in depth look, a full session on all the features that this site has for me to utilize.
Is there a way to relist a previously sold item again?
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@Kracker, I suggested a 101 crash course for beginners. I will be glad to help.

Take a look around the different forums and ask questions, join conversations, hand out a kudo or two, and earn badges. I hope this helps in getting you started.

One more tip:

If you want someone specific or want certain members to respond put this @ in front of their username. Like I did with your username.

Good Luck!

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Hey @Refinedrustics ,

Unfortunately, there is not. It would certainly be convenient if this feature was available. Maybe offerup is working on this feature. Have you noticed that when you mark an item sold you are given the option to sell another. However, if you choose that option it takes you to a post where the title is pre-filled but everything is blank like photo, description etc.

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It definitely is a little scary having people come to my house, I've met 3 buyers outside my home. Luckily they've been "normal" people. But I'm always cautious.
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Hello @More-ima

Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing! Smiley Happy

I agree with you. It is definitely a little scary having people (strangers) come to your house.

So, why do you allow buyers to come to your house?

It would be much safer to meet at a safe location.

Read more about safe meeting spots here.