Creating your own business hours

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What if is a heavy duty item. You gotta give them the address. If you want to really go through with a sale.
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Hello @Aljr,

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You are correct, if you have a heavy duty item you gotta give them the address.

With that said there are several steps you should take before giving out your address.

  • check out the buyers profile  - star rating, tru you , confirmed email/phone, reply rate
  • get a feel for them through texting conversations.
  • intuition-- good vibes feel comfortable with this buyer

Remember once you give out your address they have it forever. So, be safe as possible!

Thanks for the advice
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Totally agree. My hours are crazy so I cant really have people come to my work place since I work with a moving company but I always have my set places. For specific areas. They are either a police station, library, 24/7 gas station, but mainly a place that is active. I'll meet up a little later depending where we meet but really just depends on how the customer is responding and feeling safe while doing it.
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Welcome @Brandon_24_Pier , Thanks for sharing.


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My pleasure
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It is a very healthy and reliable way you can be everywhere without losing a sale or a talk.
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That's a great idea, until you get that one customer that's never satisfied and comes back ranting an raving wanting there money back after they've clearly broken the item you sold them.

The entire time causing a major disturbance in your reception area. At which point you had better have a great relationship with your employer, because at best you'll probably be called. In for a sit down and told not to conduct outside business while your on your employers premises, and at worst find yourself out of a job.

Not saying this will happen, but if you work in retail sales long enough, you'll find out some people are just plain crazy
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Thanks for the tip @Lifesaver_1000
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I'm new to these selling apps and also looking for best way to set hours. I have already had inquiries at late and middle of the night hours. I am not available at times during meetings etc ... so someway to post available times or best times would be ideal. Already had people get upset I'm not always able to instantaneous respond. Looking for solutions ...