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An out of the office feature has been put on the wish list.


I turn my offerup notification off from 10 pm to 7 am.


You could write your hours in your description. 


Maybe other members will chime in with suggestions.


Have a fantastic day--


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This idea rocks!! Sort of like an old Rolidex card....minus personal info we want to keep, well...personal. ☺
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Great advice ! I once got a message at 3am, that was not cool.... really? Most of us are asleep and to hear my phone make an alert sound startled me 😡

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Unfortunately, some people do work night shifts and don't want to wait. Others in distant time zones (for shipping related items) don't always account for the time difference.


I myself. never leave my phone on for alerts overnight. Silent until I awake so even if I do get a message, it doesn't disturb me.

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Hi @lindadlc welcome to offerup forums,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lol,,,,,,,offerup is open for business 24 hours a day,,,,,,,7 days a week,,,,,,,,and fortunately,for you and i,,,,,,there are a whole lot of people awake while we are sleeping,,,,,,think about it,,,,,,,i thank God for dairy farmers that are getting up at three in the morning  so that those cows can be milked by 4;30 am,,,,,so i can have cream in my coffee,,,,,and all the people that work through the night so we can have cars and clothes and food,,,,,,,,,,,,should we tell all those folks,,,,,,,,hey,,,,you cant use offerup on your breaks,,,,,,,we are sleeping.,,,,,,,,,,,,,quite a  few of my buyers message me when im sleeping at night,,,,,sometimes i hear that cha ching,,,,,,,,and think,,,,,,maybe thats a sale i can make before i go to work in the morning.,,,,,,I think @Shupat has the right idea,,,,,,,just turn the sound off if there are certain hours that you dont want to hear it.,,,,,,,Myself Im not entitled or special,,,,,,i leave my phone on all night and am there if a friend calls needing help,,,,,,,the cha ching sound that offerup makes is a good sound,,,,,,,,,that means offerup is working for me round the clock.,,,,,,i love offerup

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I think it would be great if offer up had a section of a profile where we could fill in blocks of time or "office hours" where we intend on being available and replying. And it would. Be nice if offer up included that under our user info.

I'd add info like that to my ads/offers but I describe my items in detail as is. If I put too much detail I feel like it will scare people off from reading it anyway.I have enough trouble getting peoe to read the posts and end up answering more questions already answered in the post.

And it would be nice if offer up could adjust notifications within that time frame. This way I don't hear that "chaching" at 3 am. Or even 10 pm.

But let's say we set hours from noon to 10pm. It would be great if offer up sent an auto reply "this user's business hours are.... But they've been notified and will get your message when they return".

Just a little food. Not food to eat but food for thought.
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For beginner seminars or "crash courses" or "selling on offer up basics" hit up you tube. There must be a few thousand decent vids there. At least.
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Good to know, I need to learn to manage time
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Great advice I work out of town most of the time at different jobsites and sometimes need a certain tool that I don’t have or need and sellers come to the job site if I purchase it since I’m not familiar with the area n drive a big truck. Kudos to you guys that will bring items to you. Thanks 🙏
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