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@god3 I can't make any sense of your comment. How about trying some punctuation, grammar or spellcheck before you post? At least proof read what you are posting before you post it. 

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@laszlopanaflex I usually focus on one niche and know the products very well. I will get laptops as parts and refurbish them, add parts that are needed, or upgrade ram and install Windows on them. I know what they are worth, plus the $100 worth of labor I put into them. If I list a laptop for $100 and someone offers me $50 or less, I ignore them. Sometimes, I find broken laptops in their price range and tell them they can buy a broken laptop or one that is missing parts for their budget. Sometimes, there are similar units listed for much less. Then, it all depends on how good at sales you are or how well you can promote your product. 

I will discount a bit but usually list it a bit higher than I am willing to accept for my items.

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  • Thank you for that well said counter point. I recently spent a great deal of time searching out a shop vise for my work bench. I found many on OfferUp. I reached out to one buyer but never received any response. No response, no counter offer, nothing. The item was listed at $50. The item is still listed. I can’t tell you how many times I have sent out an offer to buy at full price without getting anywhere. Then the item sells DAYS later. I have cash in hand and am ready to go.  I ended up finding an amazing vintage shop vise on EBay. I paid $500 for it. The point is. If it’s worth it, I am quite willing to pay. Sometimes I take into account the condition of the tool, item etc. The travel time and gas I am going to spend picking it up. So sometimes it isn’t low balling. Just knowing it may not be worth that price to me. But then I have to deal with ALOT of fake sellers that waste my time.
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Great advice... All tip's from experienced seller's are so appreciated.  Thank you for taking the time to help us "newbies"... It meant a lot to me .  ❤

Level 3 can count on it.  Another great deal will always come along.  I ... like most folks want what I want , when I want it !  Lol. Not always the best way to approach a seller. Lol. I am learning to take time and look around a bit...and because I have I often find things I want even more.  Good advice... Thank you for sharing !

I agree always set ur price high because everyone will try to couter offer fir a lower price no matter wgat it is always aooear to be available but not available i hace kearbed that people like fast respinse and broden ur hirizon always offer either delivery meet up our pick up onky if y set a price wont come down always set furm never give out ur address our phone number weirdo
I do like the women do I like to do trades and offers and and everything else and it works out in my benefit cuz I'm not either getting more stuff to sell or so that they can be able to sell or sell my product and getting either money and 1/2 trammdedin trade out always negotionable
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thanks @DopeKicks216 !
appreciate u taking the time to share ur knowledge and experience. THANK YOU!
wow!!! Thank You! that negotiation of 50/50 sounds a great deal, never thought about it... wow!!! thank you 👌 you’re awesome! Thankfully I’ve been doing great on my sales selling mostly everything as I’m posting them. And yes, LOW BALLERS I can’t deal with people wanting a good item almost for free! makes me mad that’s why I don’t even bother to answer back but now thanks to you I’ll used the 50/50 negotiation deal. thanks a-lot. RR
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ikr i refinish furniture and i just done a little glass door cabinet i didnt like the color as well as i thought i would but i priced it for 50 this lady said 15 i felt so insulted and disrespected that i 2wanted to block her.rude smh