Wow at 12K miles and only 6500 is a great deal so someone to offer only 600 is absurd. I sell clothing vs pink and i get people that offer 20 dollars on 140 dollar sets. So yes it happens alot on here and what I do is ignore them or block them. Best way to handle the situation.
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Please! Texting in all caps is the equivalent of screaming every word.
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Totally agree but I have to admit that I have the same “low baller” mentally when I am buying inventory. One rule I learned in doing business is that your profit is not made when you sell, your profit is made when you buy. You need to buy the product at the right price in order to sell the product accordingly! As annoying as low ballers are, I laugh and inform them this product is not for you. At times I have to remember “Customer service”. There are things I want to say, but then I remember “Customer Service”!
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Great advice! Thanks for the thought and info.
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When I get a low ball price. I always start with
" Thank you for the offer.
The price is set at $x.xx price.
Looking forward in you meeting my price."

I also may at time say when the post is still fresh and I want to negotiate the price.

Terms like
" I'll meet you half way" then my counter!
If I have a set price that I'm willing to go

I will be verry direct and say the lowest I'm willing to counter is $×.×× price

When they keep sending a low price

I say my counter is firm at the $x.xx price
Thank you for your offering price.

I have learn that you dont know who is on the other side and there is an art to a sale I use these tip to take control of my offers..

I also discourage people that troll by being polite, honest ,direct and stern.
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@JamesC2 wrote:
I also discourage people that troll by being polite, honest ,direct and stern.

I LOVE THIS!!!! Heart

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im feeling having trouble dealing with people asking 70 for an item posted 175 or 30 on an item for 90...i just feel its not reasonable to do such a thing...its a shame how people try to rip you off in front in your face...i would rather give it to my mom or sister etc if they just want it almost free...just venting out here! I love great deal but i ask the seller whats the best they can do and go from there..if they decide yo give it free and i like it, i will gladly accept it...but to make such ridiculous offer , i avoid to do csuse i know how it felt ! Sucks , angry etc..on the other hand, glad someone s looking out mypost and hoping the serious buyers come along...
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I posted a car for 2300, state inspection complete, Brakes and thermostat changed. someone texted me that they want the car, they have 750. I told her this car is NOT for you. She replied, “ you are hi”! Now in a case like this I wanted to say “you are poor” instead I replied this car is way above your means. This is sales, this is the worst case of sales in that you cannot filter your buyers. You will get the good, the bad and the ugly. I try to answer every message as professional as possible! Sold the car for 2100!