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You should be like “SUREEE! I’ll take $600! where should we meet!” And not show up. Then they will realize how IGNORANT it was of them to think you were serious! 😂
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Just kidding everyone! 😝Be safe. 😊

I have found any attempt to deal with "low ballers" is as futile as the possibility of them EVER actually buying your item. They NEVER come through and finish transaction regardless of price. Even if you agree to the ridiculous offer they will no show or vanish. I simply ignore low-ball offers and every now and then they follow up with offers more in-line with reality OR I reply reminding them the site is OfferUp and not Offer down! Next

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Exactly but the thing is that if they know they can get it cheaper they will try and convince you to lower the price.
I had a customer purchase something online. Since I checked everything I send before I send it.

I seem to do everything right. But yet when the customer received the item they stated there was a black marker across the fabric which was not true this I would not have sent it.

They then hit refund and then wanted to send me a lot of nasty messages. So with that being said, I 1 got taken for the merchandise sold and they got their back money as well.

Very sad situation indeed. people please be very careful there are a lot of dishonest people out here.
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Yes I agree with you must be very careful but if you dealing with buyers on line see if you can check the buyer out any problem that he or she had in the past any negative feedback if is possible I don't like to deal with buyers on line but that's me, everyone is different we all have to take chances, some time we deal with dishonest people and we learn from that it's sad.
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