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Welcome to the community, @MrsDi! The only thing you are "guilty" of is looking for a good deal. While lowballing may be annoying to some, it's just one of the facts of life when it comes to buying/selling. Sellers want to make money, and buyers want a good deal. While I don't sell items for lower than my asking price (for the most part at least) I can't fault someone who may be on a budget that is interested in my item. Doesn't hurt to ask, imo.

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When you walk into a store do you pick up the item and expect them to lower the price for you? NO. You BUY. No BS, no low balling. But on here, why do buyers feel so entitled? Then when you make offers, y'all want HALF off the asking price!!! How is that fair for the seller??? Then 90% of buyers on here have NO car, and want everyone to deliver items to them WITH a discount. Smh As for "sentimental" value, how can you low ball a item thats brand new or like new? Makes no sense. I agree, theres nothing wrong with trying to bargain with a seller, but expecting HALF off or MORE off everything is just pure scheming. And WRONG. Buyers should be banned immediately for low balling sellers. Its disrespectful. Most low ballers are just trolling anyway. And as for finding a better deal, yeah theres always a better buyer as well. Most people on here just be broke scammers with champagne taste and beer money trying to get over. And will use bogus manipulation tactics to get their way. Not on my watch. Lol #NoLowBallers
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I don't think you want to compare Offerup to your local department store. If I walk in, for example, Walmart, I expect the item I purchase to be new, have a warranty or guarantee if the item does not meet my expectations. Do you offer this for your buyers? From time to time department stores will  issue coupons or offer discounts, too. I'm sure when you shop at a large store such as Walmart, Target, or Sears, you go looking for a good deal. Well, it's no different for me when I search on Offerup. Several weeks ago (to my suprise) I was given a low rate at a hotel because I asked.

   I don't know what you mean by "feel so entitled" When I asked the seller for a lower price, I came looking for a good deal. I knew what the asking price was too high. Had he countered my offer, I woul probably have purchased it because I really wanted it.

   You mention, "How is it fair for the seller"  You are not obligated to sell your items to anyone who lowballs you. If it were mandatory for you to do so, THEN it would certainly be unfair. If someone lowballs you, counter offer or simply do not respond.

   "90% of sellers have no car" I am not aware of those statistics. But, if the buyer wants you to deliver, there is any easy fix for that, DON'T. There is no need for you to play UPS.

   Sentimental value is placed on items one has become attached to NOT new items. And, yes, it tends to be very high because the item has been passed down from several generations. If you have something you grandmother gave your mother but no one has used in for 20 years, don't try to sell it as "Like new".

   "Expecting half off or More" If buyes are doing that then set the price of your item for more than half of what you would like to want $25 ask for $50 or more. It is not scheming, it is looking for the best deal. You said, "90% of buyers have no car"...maybe these 90% have almost no money.

   No, buyers should not be banned for lowballing. Learn to negotiate. there is no rule stating you have to accept and offer. Make sure the pictures you submit are clear, and take more than one. I have seen sellers show only one picture of an item and it's out of focus. This would lead me to believe the item is not worth the asking price. Large retailers have to negotiate contracts, and you better believe a lot of lowballing goes on

   Do not understimate the buyer as being broke.Yes, they might use tactics you do not like, but they certainly can't  get there way if you don't let them.

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Great tips thank you so much for sharing them and taking the time to type it all out for us!
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Welcome to the community, @__NFISHER__!

You chose a good time to join! I just wrote this blog explaining why these forums exist Smiley Happy

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I see someone deleted my comment so im gonna reply AGAIN because I WILL be heard. And I am RIGHT about EVERYTHING I am saying. Period.


In response to @MrsDi,

First off, Offer Up is where you can set FIRM prices, as well as allow the buyer to inspect the items. Unlike in department stores where you cannot take the item out of the box. So if a price says FIRM or FINAL then theres nothing to negotiate. Maybe YOU should learn how to fully read.

Secondly, if like I said, you see a item and think youre entitled to it for half or more than half off, then YES you should be banned immediately. For wasting the sellers time. As well as insulting the seller by offering a disrespectful amount that YOU wouldnt probably accept. So why should they?

Thirdly, I have over 400+ sales on here, how about you??? I also have a degree in business I obtained over 10 years ago so yeah I think I know a thing or two about how to run a successful business. Only on Offer Up do you get spoiled entitled buyers who think everything supposed to go for the "low". This is NOT a thrift store and its NOT fair that a seller has to take time out of their busy day to reply and have to deal with you time wasters who as you say "have almost no money". So why are you on here making offers then? smh

My original response was way more detailed than this one but clearly it was deleted because it was too brutally honest. Period. So I will stop here since clearly im the bad guy for saying what EVERYONE on here feels but is scared say.

We are ALL sick of low ballers. Period.

And if low balling is so acceptable, then why is Offer Up now allowing sellers to report users for making a low offer? 🤔 interesting.

But what do I know right? Im just a 5 star rated seller who does good legit fair business and doesnt try to get over on others.

But good luck low balling tho. Just wont be on my watch. Lol
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OfferUp has a option to list items as new or used. Its not a sellers problem that buyers dont fully read descriptions or posts. They just make ridiculous offers, then throw tantrums and insults when they cant get their way. Or wanna tell you what you "should" be selling your item for, to basically benefit them. Pure manipulation. Sounds pretty entitled to me.

If a buyer low balls me I'm reporting them and blocking them. Not negotiating anything with anyone. Because I dont owe anyone anything. The price is the price. Offer Up means just that. Not Offer Down lol I agree that its best to find the best deal, but again when you walk into a store you dont demand them to drop their asking price to half or more than half off. Or period. You BUY. But on here its cool to insult others products, and low ball? Learn something new everyday on here lol and YES asking for half of deals IS scheming. Would YOU sell YOUR stuff for half off your asking price? Yeah? Well you just proved why I set all my prices high...which I explain in this post. To combat against low ballers.

As for the delivery scenario. Buyers should automatically be taxed a delivery fee added on top of the asking price. Gas aint cheap or free. And I personally get sick of having to drive across town to meet buyers then they expect a discount on top of it. Not worth it. Especially if its a small priced item.

Lastly, I have no respect for anyone who thinks their doing my business a favor by asking way lower than my asking price. because clearly they dont respect me or my product. But who cares about getting respect from a low baller who "almost have no money"? Lol

Bottom line is this: if YOU want a item for less than the asking price, then guess what? Theres a buyer right behind you who doesnt have a problem buying for the correct amount. Its called LAW OF AVERAGES. What one person wont do many others will. So sellers: NEVER SETTLE FOR LOW BALLS! A BETTER OFFER ALWAYS COMES ALONG!

Key word: PATIENCE. The right buyer always comes along. And comes CORRECT.

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Actually @0317 one of my replies WERE removed, so I replied again. Secondly, I wasnt even speaking directly to YOU, I was replying to @MrsDi, but since you feel the need to attack me because clearly you fit the description of a low baller who feels entitled, then I will now address you directly.

Now, OfferUp is NOT at all a thrift store. Name ONE thrift store that sells CARS, as well as items that cost hundreds and thousands of dollars? I'll wait. Lol Funny how you think because of what YOU consider Offer Up is what it actually is. Yet you claim I make no sense? I make plenty. Literally. Sorry youre not able to comprehend the simple accurate logic stated in my posts. You'll be okay : )

Secondly, highly respected and successful sellers like myself are far from "angry", but highly ANNOYED at you BROKE low balling buyers who always got champgane taste with beer money. Im sure MILLIONS of other sellers feel the same way I do. How would YOU feel if someone low balled YOU? Happy? No. You would be annoyed too. So miss me with the nonsense youre talking.

Bottom line, if you want thrift store prices then go to a thrift store. But dont come on here trying to run guilt trips or try to manipulate sellers into feeling wrong for NOT entertaining a low ballers disrespectful offer. Treat others how you wanna be treated. And maybe try getting your money up before inquiring about a item you cant afford. #FACTS
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One more thing, there were NO contradictions in my post. When I said us sellers, Im speaking for the community of sellers who experience the same crap. Not just me. I only do meet ups close by anyway. Saves time and gas. As well as being sent on dummy missions. Something low ballers like yourself love to do: waste peoples time.

If a seller has 20 items listed at 50 bucks why would a buyer ask for a 200 dollar item for that price? Its disrespectful. Period. And if you defend that kind of nonsense then clearly you DONT understand how to do GOOD business. So say what you want in denial. But im speaking 100% FACTS. And theres many other HAPPY POSITIVE sellers like MYSELF who will say the SAME exact thing. NO LOW BALLERS!!!!!
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Oh and never did I say anything about having a lot of money. YOU did @0317. So thats clearly YOUR perception of me. Its also irrelevant to the post. Dont throw insults at me because I pulled your card and showed you how stupid you look. Instead of talking nonsense worrying about what I got or dont got you need to provide a solid rebuttal or argument to back your point. But just like a immature child you wanna assume things and throw insults because you have nothing of substance to say. Lol I forgive you though. When you get 400+ sales come talk to me. When you ready to buy at full price instead of low balling like a broke lame then come talk to me. When you accomplish half of what I have in life then come talk to me. Until then? Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh