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Hey now, @DopeKicks216  and @0317  play nice. The children are watching!

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Oh Im fine lol I just don't tolerate comments from users who feel the right to insult me, attack me, assume anything negative about me or my business because they cant think of anything of substance to say. I made a post about how to deal with low ballers. Now I got clowns on here trying to tell me about myself. Lol typical behavior from people who feel guilty or cant reply without resorting to pettiness. Proof that I spoke truth. And if you search the internet, theres millions of posts about low ballers. So I guess Mr. @0317 will go and tell them they dont have this or that too right? LOL
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@DopeKicks216 I can assure you I haven't removed any of your posts recently Smiley Happy


Guys - let's remember that there is no right or wrong here... it's really going to be a personal preference thing if you do or don't want to accept low offers. 


I'm all for hearing opposing sides of an argument, but let's remember to stay civil here. Thanks for the reminder, @Shupat Cat Happy

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100% agreed.
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I appreciate you sharing. I would like to comment on a statement you made earlier.


I agree, theres nothing wrong with trying to bargain with a seller, but expecting HALF off or MORE off everything is just pure scheming.


I so agree with your statement!  I am in your cheering section!

As a buyer, making an offer half off or more is considered as an underhanded devious gesture. I don't have to label that person or give them a name. It is the behavior that annoys me.

With that said, I respect you reporting such behavior because it is a negative behavior and you have that option.

For now, I choose to respond with a no thanks saving my report option for what I consider more devious behavior. LOL like I have a limited amout of reports.

btw congrats on your numbers-- looking good!

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Thank you so much @Shupat!

I also commend you for taking time to see my point of view instead of being quick to attack or be defensive or assume anything. So salute to you on that. Also, I try to be as polite as possible when approached with low offers. I dont tee off on them, I simply reply with the attempt to meet them in the middle somehow, by either accepting a trade with their offer or maybe offering another item of that price thats offered. But then when you do that you STILL get insults. And at some point you just get tired of being nice and tired of being disrespected. But like you said, its best to just keep it moving instead of getting into a back and forth like I experienced on this thread for example. So yea Shupat I agree with everything youre saying.

At the end of the day, we're all on here for the same goal: to make money, and to find deals. I just wish more would focus on that without all the scheming and jive turkey shenanigans involved. Thats all. I have friends who been shot, robbed, etc. dealing with shady individuals on this app. So at some point we gotta take a stand and stop letting letting these scammers and broke boys who want real Yeezys but aint got no REAL money dictate the market.

Thanks for letting me share my views, and thanks to everyone who replied, shared, read, etc.
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Agree to disagree works for me @0317


Also, If the shoe fits wear it!

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@0317, Can you please help all of us understand how low balling is a form of good business? Have you ever thought that the listed item is already marked down? Did you take time to research the items market value? Brand new or used first before making a ridiculous offer? Do you even take time to look for the item at the price point you want first before throwing low ball offers at someone?

I just dont see the logic or legitimacy of making an insultful offer, then believing that its NOT an inconvenience for the seller to have to stop what they are doing to reply to you. Its very inconsiderate to the seller. Many buyers will make offers in the wee hours of the night like 2-3am and will curse you out for not replying to them instantly. The levels of disrespect on here is breath taking. I've had death threats, my mother being called every name under the sun, Ive been threatened to be robbed, killed, etc. All because I say one simple word: NO. So when I say these low ballers on here are ENTITLED, trust me man, they feel that they ARE. And NO human being should have to defend their life, business, brand, name, family, reputation, etc. over NO deal. Its not that serious. At all. And NO seller should have to even respond to low ball offers. Let alone "negotiate" it. Some do, but please dont knock the ones who dont. Just like you feel I shouldnt knock buyers who want a half off discount on top of a already marked down discount LOL

Good luck on all your future sales/purchases @0317! Just be more reasonable with your offers : )
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My gosh @0317, I leave you alone for a bit and you just.......


You seem bent on this and sometimes, as I've already stated as did @Shupat, AGREE TO DISAGREE. Your opinion on this topic is valid as is the opposing opinion. You can make a point and let it go....sometimes.

This is a topic that has annoyed enough people because of the antics of lowballers. (We've already established you take issue with that term) You see nothing wrong with it. That's your opinion. Many people here disagree....and that's why these threads exist. Maybe you can start a topic about your view:


 "10 reasons why I don't consider it lowballing"


But to troll people you already established you disagree with, just to stoke the flames......

Just take a breath and "AGREE TO DISAGREE".


@DopeKicks216, stay cool and remember even though we will disagree, we need to always respect each others opinions to the degree we don't allow these forums to delve into personal attacks on each other. Smiley Very Happy

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I agree homie! Well said! 💯💯💯