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Sneakerheads rock?

I always thought of sneakerheads as having having soul. Man LOL

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LOL @cyclomatic Smiley LOL Smiley LOL

And here I was expecting the dad jokes from @Dad_Tired Smiley Tongue 

haha thanks for the laugh Smiley Very Happy

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Yes soul I age is showing lol. Also artistic when refurbishing.. yay or nay
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@cyclomatic shout out to the fam! Yo boy in the house. Haha better ?
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Thank you @DopeKicks216 for this information and advise. I'm going to apply these techniques to try to get a little more profit and inventory. Even though I can't lie. I do have fun telling these lowballers to take a long walk on a short pier, or make it a point to let them know that I think they have champagne taste with a beer budget. To raz them up.. Because sometimes i feel they need a little slap back in retaliation.
These pearls of wisdom you have given to me Will not go unappreciated. From now on I'll be less cynical and sarcastic, and be more professional. You are like a wise Jedi Master of the art of selling.
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I am very humbled by your compliments thank you so much! 🙏🙏🙏 Im just trying to get better at this thing too like everyone else, plus I like to see everyone win and do good, so Im just sharing what Ive learned from trial and error. Still learning.
I was selling a pair of bigh end speakers for a hundred dollar less than ebay trending price. Low ballers still want me to chop off another $60. In response I offered them another paif of speakers that his money can afford. End of haggling. The following morning the expensive speakers got sold full price.
I only meet during the day in daylight.
There needs to be a verifier in every offer the potential buyer is willing and able to purchase. I have had people who ask me one question and no reply back after I responded. If they don't want to purchase the item then they shouldn't reply unless they know someone else who can purchase what you are offering.