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Ive sold every thing, everytime from my home.much easer, safer,no gas ,saves time.six years including "other" site
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I had someone offer me 300 for a trailer I had at 2900. Turned out they were selling an rv for 2400 so I sent them an offer for their rv for 300 in response. They turned around and apologized. Hahaha 😂
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Don't agree with this at all people think your selling something because your deaperate and need the money even so if you are doesent give lowballers a reason to offer bottom dollor on whatever you are selling... I always give a little on prices espectialy if I have no need for anymore and want something gone fast but giving things away this is getting as bad as Craig's list
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How can so many people today not undersand that every thing everywhere is about bartering,,,,,,,,,,the clothing you wear,,,the food you eat,,,,,,,the car you drive,,,,,,,the laws you live by,,,,,,,,,,,all the componets of everything is bartered for over and over and over and over,,,,,,,,,,,the relation ship you have with your spouse and your children and your parents,,,,,,continous bartering,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the amount of money you get paid is arived at by bartering,,,,,,,,,,,,the relationship one country has with another country is arrived at on how bartering goes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,everything is about bartering,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,bartering has always been and always will be ,,,,,,,,,,,,,if you dont like someones offer,,,,,,,,give them a counter offer,,,,,,,and or move on

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---Barter feature...anyone? 👍
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@DopeKicks216 yes, I agree that lowballers make insulting offers but recognize that this is an open commerce forum where people are free to make whatever offers they want to. You have the freedom to ignore them, post a warning you will ignore lowball offers and make it clear that the buyer picks up the item, no deliveries. The way I deal with lowballers is that if they offer 50%, then I raise my price to 150%. This lets them know that if you start to negotiate, if you lowball, I will highball back. There is NO rule that your counter offer has to be lower than the original. If they want to insult you, insult them back with a higher offer. That usually gets them to leave me alone. 

the thing about lowballers is that after you get several bottom-dollar offers, you begin to doubt your selling price and are more inclined to bring it down.  


i usually check craigslist and ebay to make sure i'm in the right ballpark.  craigslist shows what the supply & demand is like locally, and what people are paying. ebay is very good because its listing recommendation engine will suggest a price based on recent sales of the same product in the same condition, along with a confidence rating indicating the probability that it will sell.  together, they are a pretty good reality check on offers.


we all have our reasons for selling things here, with varying degrees of urgency. it's important to be realistic on a selling price, but it works both ways -- you don't want to overprice an item, but don't let lowballers sway you into underpricing it more than you need to, either. 

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HI @laszlopanaflex how can you tell what people are paying at craigslist?,,,,,,,,,i only see what people are asking,,,,,,,,i have purchased stuff on craigs list ,but i sure didnt pay the asking price,,,,,,,and the things ive sold ,,,,,i did not get my asking price,,,,,,,,,,,only my partner and i and the buyer knows what we actualy have sold the items for.,,,,,and i can tell you that it was thousands less than our asking price.,,,,,,,,,,,,i also dont see how you can tell demand of items at craigslist either,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,on ebay we can see what items have sold for,,,,,,,,,,but that doesnt really tell us the going price for local sales of most items.

weird, my response disappeared!  allow me to attempt to restate:


that's a good Q, @0317 - on CL the listed prices give us a good idea of how much people are paying. it may not be the actual sale price, yes (although in many cases they are), but pricing for an item tends to be fairly clustered around a well-defined range. another way to gauge demand is by observing velocity and aging. if a CL posting has a date of over a month ago and has been lingering around, that's a telling sign. similarly, if over the course of say, a week, you see postings for the same or similar product you're selling come and go quickly, we can make more educated assumptions around the demand elasticity for the product.


on ebay, i never said that it tells you how much local buyers pay for a product -- although it may be possible by limiting the ship-to to certain states or locales. rather, it reveals what the middle of the bell curve is likely to pay for your product.  and if that price is much higher than what locals are willing to pay, then it would make sense to list the product on EB, anyway.  


no one is saying this is an exact science, but that's not really what we need.  CL and EB just help us get into the right ballpark of what a buyer may be willing to pay, and helps us to maximize our sale.

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in what low as bartering money or product to get a small business out there never allow friends stay business then you will become your empire trust god and me i know.