Entrepreneurs setting up a social media connect group?

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I think it would be great as a group of entrepreneurs to set up a group on Facebook with tips and also promote on Facebook and branch out on other platforms. What do you all think??
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Hello @Saladeen  and the warmest welcome to the forum! 

Thank you for sharing.

I think that entrepreneurs setting up a social media connect group on facebook would be a fascinating endeavor.

What would be your main focus?

I am excited to hear what others think.

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Love this idea! I'm actually a part of a couple FB groups for business advice and such. 

I'm a big fan of being in as many communities as possible Smiley LOL

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You keep busy @Mj_206 !  Smiley Happy

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Sorry for late reply I would love for everyone to promote there product. Also give updates on upcoming seminars to help enhance skills. I would love to be able to hear others ideas and advice. We could also have a support group for tips and advice. We could have quarterly get togethers to network.
How does it sound?
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What type of product do you have?

Have you had a chance to look around the offerup forums?

Tip: if you want someone specific or want certain members to respond put this @ in front of their username. Like I did with your username.


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@Shupat I mean I'm pretty much a all around seller I don't specialize in any department and yes I have seen some of the other post. Just thought to present the idea for entrepreneurs to have a great source of networking.
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Yes, @Saladeen  it is a great idea for entrepreneurs to have several sources of networking.