Expand your reach with OfferUp.

As most of us know, you can have the best product in the world but if you dont have customers or foot traffic, well you don't exist.

Offerup is here to help. Offer up helps you target people In your area that would probably never have stepped into your store.

The best times to post I think are in the morning, lunch time and around 6, when people are at home after a long days at work.

Just think when would you like to be on your phone, during work.... I doubt it.

On another note , it seems that younger crowds (ages 14-35) are using Offer up. Unlike Craigslist where most people seems older, with older junk. ^-^ so post relevant items, a stove might be harder to sell then a used Honda that a college student has been eyeballing.

Keep it organic, and eat more plants guys.
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Hi @Eatmoreplants welcome to the forums,,,,,,,,,,,,actualy,,,,,people of all ages use offerup,,,,,,,,anyone that has a smart phone and even some of us old guys that don't,,,,,,,,,,,,and I don't believe there are relevant items,,,,,,,,everyone is looking for something different,,,,,,,and some folks are buying stuff that they had never even thought of buying before seeing it on offer up.   Stoves of all kinds sell great on offerup,,,,,,,,kitchen stoves, wood stoves camp stoves all are good sellers if in good working condition,,,,,,,,,most people use some kind of stove,,,,,but I am sure some things will sell better in some parts of the nation than other parts ,,and to some age groups better than others,       but I pretty much can assure you that all age groups from 13 on up are represented on offerup

@0317 It is also true that older generations don't know how to use apps or even download apps, so I doubt all ages are using offer up, more realistically is that younger ages are using offer up. The CEO of offerup is in his early 30s, and created this business to directly be an alternative to Craigslist. From experience on selling on Amazon, eBay, Craigslist and offer up , in my opinion the best times to get more eyeballs on your product are , mornings, lunch time and when people get off work. Yes ages 13 and up can use offer up. Thanks for your reply. This is just my opinion but I know the data is out there, in offerups server Smiley Wink
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hahaha @Eatmoreplants I can assure you that many of us older folks have indeed figured out how to use offerup and many many of us are selling and buying ,,,,a lot of us older folks have more time to spend buying and selling being retired or semi retired as we are ,,,,,,but i do agree with you on the times,,,,,,those times you mentioned are some of the best times,,,,,,,,and if you haveing spent quite a bit of time involved in offerup ,,,,i would say in my area , half the buyers and sellers ive  met with are late fourtys to  early sixtys and older,,,,but im sure that certain items would have buyers and sellers that are younger,,,,,,,,,i dont think sales on offerup is any anyway limited to any one age group,,,,,,,and if you pay attention when you are on offerup and click on items and look at profiles ,,,,,,,,you will find t hat there are indeed a lot of older retired folks selling on offerup,,,,,,,,,,,,offerup is actualy a great app for retired folks that travel back and  forth from the south to the north with the seasons in thier motor homes ,,,,,,,easy to change areas with thier listings to where ever they may be living at the time,,,,,,,,right now here in washington state i am seeing more and more posts from olderfolks that have just come back from their stay through the colder months in arizona,,,,,,,,,,,much easier to change your area you are selling in than amazon or craigs list ,,,,,,,us older folks love offerup,,,,,,,,,,even if we do have to put up with younger wishy washy buyers and sellers that we run into.

Fantastic post. Thank you.
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@Eatmoreplants, whaddaya mean older generations dont know how to use apps or even download apps? C'mon, I am sure we could teach you a thing or two or three about apps. And ALL ages use OU. This app is no way limited to any age group. Whatsamatter you? 😎
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Welcome to the OfferUp Community @Eatmoreplants !  Smiley Happy

Thanks for sharing.


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No matter your age there is one thing we can all agree upon:

Offerup is here to help. Offer up helps you target people In your area that would probably never have stepped into your store.


What type of things are you selling?

May success be with you


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Haha again @Eatmoreplants welcome to the forum,,,,,,im looking forward to leaning stuff in here from a youngster like yourself

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great advice as far as the craiglist comparison