Fake Offers in this season

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Listen if it looks to true to be real then it is,everyone doesn't have the right intentions as most of us please don't be discourage just investigate that person before completing that deal, I love this app thats why to prove my legitimacy I used the true id and request buyer or seller to leave comment I advise you do the same lets enjoy or items but research it also to make sure you get what you're looking for be blessed this holiday season my offerup family.
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Hi @Pastorkim welcome to the forum 😊
Yes I agree with you this is a fantastic app, Great advice and happy holidays 👍
Check the product at time of sale. I have stopped many people from walking off after I exchanged an item for cash, just to insist they check the item to make sure they're satisfied with it. Before they leave, I tip them with the unfortunate worldly knowledge which is, there are individuals out there who market bogus/broken/falsely advertised items to make a quick buck. Be safe and don't be afraid to examine an unguaranteed product before you spend your hard earned money.