Fear of Success

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“Necessity is the mother of all invention.” I had to get into a financial bind without anyone else to back me up before I finally decided to take the initiative to earn more income. For years, I always had a partner to take up my slack, but now that she’s gone, gaping holes in my finances began to form. Caught me by surprise how quickly things can change but, now I am feeling optimistic about my prospects and have begun to apply my skills to earn money through my website and also have decided to give offerup a go! I plan on seeing you around and sticking with the platform. Much shared success to all!
im a stay home mom dont work my fulltime job is my job as a mother of 4kids i sell all that i dont need and make extra to get things i really need thats my new way of making extra cash it helped me paid my credit card bill my hope is to sell what i dont use and enjoy my life, wituout having too much at home to clean, i want a simple life ....
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Wow! That is a great strategy. It makes plenty of sense and hopefull will make you plenty of money! I love the simple life without clutter. Thanks for commenting!
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I am loving the positivity in this thread Smiley Happy Welcome @mjrdelaware and @Tobbias1forever

It makes me so happy to see OfferUp having this positive of an impact on life!

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Thanks for weighing in!!
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I agree