Finding out the identity and real address of a seller who ripped me off?

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I'm now in the process of teaching a punk a lesson in what happens when you intentionally rip of buyers on this app. But since he made sure to not show me where he (and I'm sure he still lives with mommy) lives but rather in the area of, which is completely different than what is posted here. I think this information needs to be available when this happens so s police report can be filed properly. He openly admits to planning on selling a broken tablet that was said to be in perfect workong order. Now that I had time to test it I found out that it has been improperly rooted and it's missing all needed files to do anything with it.

What gets me is he was 40 late to meet me and I was just getting ready to start my car and leave when he appeared, of course on foot since he has no car and wants to conceal his identity as much as possible anyway. But with such s fruity looking punk his face is impossible to forget, after i contacted him I was sent a message telling me to suck a d**k, so it's obvious that his intentions were to rip off whoever he sells too. The queer looking punks ID is LYLE, I really would like to get this squared away legally and not have to go hint him down on my own since I'm not ready to go to jail for hurting this looser. What steps are in place for this type of problem.

Now if he had even said anything or had posted anything that even in the slightest way would have suggested it was rooted or it had any issues other than the obvious shattered screen I would never have considered it. Bit since no mention of any defects I believe that this is outright criminal.

Please advise me to whom I need to submit this information to remove this punk from the app for good and for thr good of all who use it.
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Sorry to hear that you had this experience, @zinda. Have you reached out to our Customer Care team yet? If not, go ahead and do so here. Our Customer Care team will be happy to look into this with you and alert you to any next steps.


One last thing - please be sure to follow the Community Guidelines we have in place when talking about other OfferUp community members. While we understand how frustrating it may be to have an experience like this, we still want to encourage an inclusive and accepting community. 

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OfferUP will not be able to release personal information of "LYLE" for privacy reasons. What you will need to do is to file a police report. If the local PD decides to proceed with your case, they will issue a warrant to OfferUP to be able to make make contact with the seller.


It is up to the buyer to make an informed decision and to ask all/any pertinent questions. The potential buyer always has the option to just walk away from the deal, since there is no legally binding contract when hitting the "Make Offer" button on OfferUP.

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I wouldn't go about 'teaching a punk a lesson' it will only result in headaches and violence.

Trust me, I understand how you feel — but going after someone like this is not wise and time consuming.

Just take your loss, block him and move on.

Learn from it.

I say this because you called him a 'fruit' and a 'queer'.

Unnecessary and looks bad on your part.

So the last thing on your mind may not be working with the police on this one.

As for now you can only report it to OfferUp, I'd avise pm'ing the OfferUp Twitter about this — they may be able to tell you what to do next if you file a police report and maybe ban him.

But again, I'd just take the loss if I were you, block and move on — you'll spend more fees and time than the item is worth. Speaking from experience.

Also, sounds like you're partially at fault for not checking the unit prior.

@Lapua is right though, make a police report in conjunction with contacting OfferUp Support

Hopefully my suggested comment system gets integrated into the app soon — so we an tell ahead of time and avoid similar issues.
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Feeling your pain,  we got ripped off with an IPhone.   We attempted to file a police report,  but it clearly was not worth the PD’s time to investigate.  They even had the audacity of saying that if it was a stolen phone we could be potentially held responsible for possession of stolen property.   That stopped when I told them they could pull the security footage from the convenience store parking lot, showing us paying “that guy” and him handing us the phone.  


The forum moderators clearly do not want to ferret out the bad people from Offer UP,  and they want it to be an all inclusive and happy community.  Well,  unfortunately in the real world you can do everything right, follow all the rules, and still manage to get screwed.  Too bad your discouraged from discussing some real issues, and some real bad people.  I still carry a screen capture of the profile picture of “the guy” that sold me that phone. (One day I will see him again)


Forum moderator,  some people are thiefs,  if this person was a rapist would you advocate that we remain “all inclusive” so they can continue to rape other individuals?

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➖ if this person was a rapist would you advocate that we remain “all inclusive” so they can continue to rape other individuals

That's a bit of a stretch to make your point.

It doesn't make sense.

Are you saying a phone scam is on par with rape?

The obvious answer is no, who in the real world actually condones or openly admits to like that disgusting behavior.

Your first step should have been to reach out to OfferUp support so they can work with police to try and resolve this.

If it was stolen by the seller, then too bad — property is to be returned to it's proper owner and if the bad user is dumb enough, be caught.


Just do your research next time.

Do as others here have suggested, meet at a cell phone store to find out it has a clean bill and has not been alerted to a carrier as stolen property.
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Hey there @Fyli. We encourage all types of productive or constructive discussions to happen. Our Community Guidelines do state however that discrimination of any kind is not accepted in our forums, such as below:


"Discrimination or mistreatment on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or disability."


If you ever come across anything like you encountered, I'd encourage you to go back to your police department and let them know that OfferUp has our own internal investigations team that could be a huge help for their investigations. Please reach out to our Customer Care team if anything like this happens so our Trust & Safety team is aware and can work with you on specific cases like these. We’re here to guide and help all of you in any way we can. Cases like these though need to be handled in the appropriate channels so you can get the help you need.

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Yeah, the offerup policies are specifically in place to protect scammers. Nearest I can tell, unless you actually bring civil action against offerup, they will not assist in any way.

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As it's been mentioned before.

OfferUp is not a collection agency.

You are supposed to file a police report — if your police department takes your situation seriously they are then able to reach out to support and supoena any information on said scammer.

You need to stay on top of it.

OfferUp can ban the user if you bring it to their attention and start collecting relevant info. to give to police.

Don't want to do all this? Well, take it as a life lesson. Hopefully you now know how to deal with scammers.
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So you bought a tablet with a cracked screen and your mad that it's rooted and not working properly? I'm sure you turned it on before your paid in which case it's on you. If you didn't it's more so on you. It wasn't right of him but you have to take some responsibility for this too. Just take your loss and drive on. Threatening this "looser" publicly is probably not the smartest thing to do. Idk maybe I'm wrong