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I spent a few years making polymer clay jewelry. Collecting molds makeing my own molds coleecting tools was alot if work unfornetly all my stuff stolen. Everything from clay to molds already made jewelry about 3 bins was stolen from the garage. Smiley Sad let me know if you see polymer clay items in the area for sale. Thanks
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I have had success selling artwork on craigsliat and etsy, but I have essentially given up attempting such on Offer up. Perhaps I am terrible at art, or perhaps it is the wrong marketplace. I've attempted to sell in multiple diffierent styles, in multiple different mediums-- often at prices so low i was technically losing money, over the past two years, and only two have sold. Both giant oil paontings which i felt o let go for pretty low prices, but I dont know the market very well. Plus giant oil paintings can take up a lot of room...
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@_Rachel_ I am new to Offerup also and have listed a few items the other day and no responses yet. I make signs and decals and haven't posted any yet just because I'm unsure about the luck I will have. I tried posting a decal and they won't post it because it's all words. My distressed signs do well on letgo so I'm going to try later today to see how it goes. But yes, a separate category would be wonderful!
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Hey @_Rachel_ Wow I didn’t think my idea for a separate category would take off with other members, but that’s great!, _Rachel_ on your question, I’ve done both, but with large amount of multiple items, I definitely recommend bumping them it’s really saving time from when we didn’t have that option in the past. _Rachel_ sorry for the late response but without putting this @ in front of my username name. I don’t get notification your asking questions. the reason I happened to see your question this time is, I received Kudos from another member in this thread. Hope this helps you 😊
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@Hotrod Thanks for the reply! I’ll be posting some of my stuff soon and I’ll try your advice and post multiple times a day and see how it goes. 

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Your welcome @_Rachel_ hope it works out for you, have a great week 😊
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I like the idea of a category listing for home made crafts,  tools,  iron work,  etc. There are a lot of super talented folks out there and some might be looking for a marketplace. This would be a super convenient one for buyers and sellers. 

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I am sorry to hear about your theft. No one deserves that. I just wanted to acknowledge your misfortune and send a little encouragement your way.  May you have better and brighter tomorrow's.

I make small furniture pieces and sell pretty well here as well on Letgo.
Good pics, description and price also willing to meet halfway for a location helps too.