Has anyone ever sold an item to someone and they wanted to return it?

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You will always encounter someone that regrets the purchase for one reason or another (NOT that there is anything wrong with the item). One way to counter the entitled request is to RECORD the meeting, whether it be just a voice recording or with full video, as to avoid any/all confusion as to what occurred during the transaction.

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Thank you for the examples!
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Once it’s bought and paid for it’s a done deal I would think unless it was grossly misrepresented and they are res for looking over the item b4 buyer and seller parted ways. It’s like they say with used cars. Buyer beware and hopefully there should not be a problem. Honestly is the best policy!
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I've had one such situation where I wanted to return the item due to gross misrepresentation... Item listed as new, bought it, tried to use it. Was clearly not new as all parts in engine were seized up, as well as the rubber parts were crumbling... Should have asked for a demo. Send the guy a message telling him nicely that I couldn't get it started and that it was clearly not described well and asking to return it since he lied to me (without saying he lied to me of course 😂). No response. Couldn't even review the guy since he never marked the item as sold.
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 HI @Rmdelete thats unfortunate ,,,,,,,but we cant expect sellers to do returns on offerup,,,,,,i myself have purchased many items with gas engines over the years that were not new,,,,,,,,,its up to the buyer to inspect the item and then make the decision to buy or not,,,a good start is to check the oil,,,,,,,see if the engine will start or at least turn over before paying for it,,,,,,,,if you are unsure about an item,,,,,adjust your offer , i would just look  at the purchase as a learning experience,,,,,,,,,,someone said something about voice recording,,,,i would be very careful about voice recording anyone without thier knowledge without checking the laws first,,,,the law is not the same in every state,,,,,,some states you can video or photogragh someone in public,,,,,,but voice recording without the persons knowledge is illegal.

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---Yes, @Rmdelete---
Seems as though we wish everyone believed in the "Golden Rule"... 👍
Honesty is not a given 😕
Would test every item prior to purchase in the future.
Success to you! 😊

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That is a really good idea...Lol, I hadn't thought of taping or videoing the conversation of a meeting or sale.  I will do just that from now on .  Thanks for suggesting this...❤

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Well it seems to me that if they are on the up and up they wouldn't mind you videoing the transaction.  Why not just say that you are going too? If they don't like that then don't sell to or buy from them .... I mean it sounds like a really good idea to me !  Lol ....just sayin'.