Help! I sent an item in the mail but it’s supposedly arrived broken

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I had sent a couple of messages to offer up and haven’t heard back. The buyer also sent messages and hasn’t heard either. This was a very expensive lamp that I sent out. It was bubble wrapped and packed so well that you could’ve used it in a football game and it wouldn’t have broken, however it’s supposedly arrive they are broken. It’s a little weird when the buyer was telling me that he wanted to use OfferUp‘s $500 policy, when he didn’t even pay that much. I have a feeling that he was a scammer, but I can’t Prove it. I have pictures of the way this thing was packed and there was so much bubblewrap in this thing that there was no way it could have arrived broken. Like I said, I had contacted OfferUp a couple of times and so did he. No one has returned her a call in the last three days. Any suggestions?
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Hello @jkugel70! Welcome to the community.

As long as you have both reached out to our Shipping team, they should respond at their earliest convenience. They currently work through these cases in the order in which they were received. I'll make sure that the case is headed to the correct team Smiley Happy

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Hey guys! This went sooooo much further! Guy ended up TRYING to scam me. Sent me back a DIFFERENT but same lamp and retired to get away with it. Due to the pics I took prior to shipping (and me putting a hidden mark on the item that I didn’t tell the seller about) I had the guy send me back the lamp. The lamp I got back didn’t have the mark and the bottom was different! The same type of lamp, but broken. Scammer got caught due to my pics! Thank goodness for CYA! I would have been put a rare lamp and almost $200!