How to expand your small market!

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So with Offerup, and there pickup option. People are able to sell things to people in there area by walking or by the use of transportation. Although say if someone is interested in an item but they live in another state, This is where OfferUp’s shipping comes into play, you will be able to expand across the country.
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 Again, welcome.

Check out the current conversations as well, regarding shipping and payments, currently happening. This is a recent hot topics, as it's a newer feature for OfferUp.


Are you more buyer, seller or both?

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That is definitely true @TheSaltyCola Smiley Happy Thanks for sharing! 

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I havent done it but having to package, ship , postage this and that doesn't seem like a good experience to me. I definitely wouldn't buy without laying my eyes on the real product. Maybe I'm wrong but it seems like a huge hassle. ?????

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@Huskerskins We have a Buyer Protection program Smiley Happy You can learn all about it here:

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Hi @Huskerskins welcome to the forums,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you are not wrong,,,,,,reading through the forums,,,,,,,,,,,buyers and sellers both are having so many shipping problems,,,,,,,its not worth the hassle for many of us,,,,,,and it doesnt really look like offerup is making any progress in making it run smoother,,,,,,,,,,,,to many flakey sellers and buyers and offerup cant seem to get thier job done right ,,,,,,,,,,,many of us have been watching and waiting for them to get their shipping problems worked out ,,,,but it doesnt appear that its getting much better.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,offerup works best for local sales ,,,,,,,,i would not buy or sell through their shipping program yet

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@0317 What issues are you referring to? 

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I recently moved to Huffman from Rockwall. I need help in updating my new home as well as help in finding sales groups.
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Hi @TwistedDecor , welcome to the forums

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Valuable information, thank you