How will shipping help your side hustle?

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You have the same insurance with usps as you would anywhere else. The info on label will be in the email that you printed it from. You will need photos of damage to item and all original packing materials. If you are the seller, you will need the buyer to provide these to you by email or text
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So the glass $350 item I just sent out and followed all of offer ups tips on packaging. If it breaks offer ups usps insurance will cover the full value? USPS priority offers $50 coverage the rest is additional charge but o was told offer up uses ground which doesn't have automatic insurance.
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You are only covered up to the standard Usps insurance. It used to be $100 for priority but it may be $50 now. Sometimes my post office will allow me to purchase additional insurance with prepaid commercial labels, sometimes they won't. Fedex also doesn't allow more than the $100 insurance with app based labels. I shipped at $400 glass lamp, had fedex pack for $49 and tried to buy extra insurance and was refused. Its one of those chances, you take or you don't and sell only locally. I just hold my breath until items arrive lol

Not really joking, I really do!
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Yes, USPS Priority Mail only includes $50 insurance coverage.
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Hi. I am new to the community forums but have sold online over 20 years. I started selling as a teen. I now sell online full time using many for sale apps as well as my own site. Offer Up adding a shipping option is a phenomenal addition! I love the expansion! I can see the shipping option being a very helpful feature throughout the holiday season! It’s an extraordinary addition for full time sellers, SAHM or WAHM, and just about anyone with things that easily ship.

It showcases your products to a larger market.
Shipping also provides more options to your buyers. Buyers love options. Shipping can attract more non drivers, those on disability and those weary of meeting up with strangers. I have in the past chatted with a lot of older fellows that preferred to not meet up until they had someone to go with them. It really does increase the appeal of the app as well as ease when features and alternatives are provided to fit just about everyone.

The fees seem to be very reasonable. I sell pretty frequently online on the apps I use daily. Unfortunately, I pay more than double the commission fee on my most popular selling app than what the Offer Up fee is set at. I would love to have an alternative that provides excellent support as well as protection for both buyers and sellers. Protection on both ends is very important in our industry! It solidifies a great experience for both buyers and sellers!

I have not gotten to use the shipping feature but I look forward to testing it out. I did not get to post a lot yet.

I actually had a shipping question I posted that has not received an asnwer. If someone has the time to check it out that would be excellent. I know you all are super busy. Thanks.

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As soon as I noticed the option to sell, I was happy. I adjusted the items in my booth and added that option to items that are easy to ship. I usually get inquiries from people who happen to live far and this has helped me. Thank you OfferUp for this great option! It's great to give people both options, in person for those nearby and the ability to acquire via shipping. I am encouraging my friends to use this app as well.


I use the shipping option and it works very smoothly!! The first sales was a lot of yarn, as I don't have time to use it. I was so touched. The buyer was from NJ and headed to another location. She wanted to use her time while waiting to be deployed.... I was happy OfferUp had give this opportunity. I threw in few other items as well in appreciation for her service. (I found out about it, when the shipping address wasn't NJ and it was VA as I was trying to verify the address just to be sure).

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How does the shipping work.. I don't see a option for us to receive the funds.
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This shipping on offers up is the best thing that ever happened I average about 5 a week at least three a week 8 this week and that's with bundling for five in one package and then to another package excetera

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That's so great, @Vincent123!!

What is your best packaging tip?

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