How will shipping help your side hustle?

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Shipping opens up a whole new world of potential customers! I have a real issue with meeting up with anyone I don’t know I don’t care how public or safe the environment may seem? Call it a phobia? This allows me to sale without fear! Thank you Offer up!
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Welcome to the community, @Bindyn! I'm so happy to hear that this feature has been helpful! To be honest, I completely agree! I am painfully shy, so Shipping has been great Smiley Very Happy

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How does shipping feature work? Who covers the cost if item gets damaged during transit? How does return work - seller/buyer protection?
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Great questions, @Sood! Most of which can be answered in our Shipping blog! You can also learn more about our Help Center here Smiley Happy


To answer your questions - The seller will select the approximate weight of the package (up to 20lbs Max) and the buyer pays the agreed on price for the item + the shipping. We do offer Buyer protection as well Smiley Happy

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I just joined and totally agree! How do you set up shipping on this app?
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@Saint_Shadle It's available for everyone now. Make sure you update the app and you'll see Shipping. Lots more info on Shipping can be found in this blog post we wrote here

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MJ, can we ship to Honolulu, HI?
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I love the shipping option, specially items that are not heavy. I already saw results with few of my items I offer for shipping! I mainly use to declutter and make more space at home and reduce the amount of stuff I have at my storage place. It will help me reduce stuff I no longer need. I prefer OfferUp over the other selling venues. I am encouraging my friends to use this app.
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---Positively, positive @Lulu101 😊

Surely, the OfferUp "Shipping Team" is lovin' it...!!!

Thanks, again!

Spokesperson... anyone 👍
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What about if an item is damaged in transit? Most other shopping sites offer insurance to cover the seller. Does offer up have that to help sellers. Since it's a prepaid label I cat exactly get it from Usps at the port