I'm Asked If I still have the item - read more

Level 1
I have some items posted and people on the messaging on the offerup app on the item the people ask if the item is still available (even posts that are just a couple hours young) and then I reply yes. But after that they dont reply even if i ask them if they want the item. No reply at all. Am i doing something wrong. It also happens when they say they would like to buy my item for a certain amount and so i ask them what time and where they want to meet at. And so there is never a reply.
And also thanks for the response on my last post. Ill use your tips.
Level 1
They just want to waste your time. That's all they want. Some of them are really weird people. So be careful selling. I have sold 21 items. All smooth transaction because I describe the items clearly. The only tip to you is make sure you meet in public and safe location. I learned it the hard way, I almost got robbed, luckily I didnt loose anything. Good luck to you.
@Sultan_Yo You're not doing anything wrong! Ive been on Offerup for years and a few other sites and it happens all the time! It makes me want to scream sometimes because I just don't understand why people do this. Even if they said sorry I changed my mind, it would be nice. Something would be better than no replay at all!
Level 9
@Sultan_Yo its not you. 99% of the time it is accidentally hit and the buyers may not even realize they hit the tab.