I’m ready but Where do I start???

Hey Guys,
My name is Robert Ramos I’m a Solar consultant for South Texas Solar Systems and a SmartHomePro for Vivint. Up till recently I’ve been doing very well with both companies for door to door sales. Until... I took on a new project for my Solar company, Wholesaling Solar Panels. With my owners blessings and encouragement he allowed me to move a massive amount of about 45000 watts worth of product. I’ve never been the one to back down from a challenge and be it that type of character has been my greatest asset, but since my network is very low and I haven’t yet established great connections either. I took to platforms like OfferUp and others to help spread my product. That I know is great and worth anyone’s time for investment. I just wanted to ask where do I start??? Would this platform be best for my product??? And what advice would you have for this type venture??? I really appreciate those who just read all the way through, hopefully there’ll be some words from the wise at the bottom for me to read.


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Its absolutely amazing that the "greater good of the community" actually exists. Air hug. Keep up tje great job.
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Hey @OhhhitsRobert, I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Community Forums. I know you posted this some time back but none the less I wanted to learn more.

Texas all around me, haha. That is were I pan to be in a few more years. I'm somewhat familiar with Vivant after purchasing a home out there. The home is currently rented but the clock is ticking, haha.

I've long wanted to know more about solar in Texas. Just from a distance, it seems to be less prevalent than I would have expected. Again, I'm in NY so I have much to learn about all things Texas. Maybe I can learn more from you.


Other members like @Shupat may have more local insight that's helpful. I'd love to see you get connected with other like minded people here who have great ideas and experience.

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