I need to contact the seller but the item has been removed from Buy items!

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I bought a used phone on OfferUp, and recently it got blocked. Now I need to reach out to the seller but for some reason, the phone is not listed in the Buying items nor in the Archive anymore.

I send a message to OfferUp support team, I haven't heard back from them after three weeks, though!


What can be the reason for a bought item to be removed? 

Can OfferUp bring that item back to my Buying list?

The seller was a TruYou member of OfferUp and I have screenshots of his profile and our conversation. How can I get his phone number from OfferUp?

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"Phone #"

This type of information (if provided) is used to verify an account.

OfferUp cannot provide you with another users phone number, even if they had this on hand.

You'll need to wait for a reply from support.

An admin may be able to escalate your case when they're available.


If you were blocked or the account was deactivated, you should still be able to see the item regardless. That is odd.

Let OfferUp support investigate and let you know what steps to take next.

Sounds to me like you were scammed.

Seller report it stolen or didn't pay off the remaining bill.

If that is in fact the case, contacting the seller yourself will do no good.
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HI @SJazani ,,,,,, I think something is missing from your story,,,,,,,,wouldnt you be contacting your phone company ,,,,,,,i mean,,,,,,,you make it sound like it did work,and then was blocked?,,,,what does that even mean?,,,,,,,,,and of course offerup is not going to give you someones phone number .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i dont understand why so many people come here in the forums with problems with used phones being locked ,,,,,,i dont get it at all,,,,,,,,i personaly go through a lot of phones,,i work outside along the waterfront where it rains a lot and i have had a lot of phones get wet and die,,,,,,,,,lol even the one i had that was good down to thirty meters ,,,,,,it may still work , i just couldnt get down there to get it back,,,,,,,,,,,,,when i buy used phone ,,,i get it connected to my account and working in just a few minutes ,and then hand the money to the person,,,,,,,,,,never a problem

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Thanks @KSARASARA , Well I found the phone on OfferUp as an unlocked phone (which means that phone was paid off). I trusted the seller since he was marked as TruYou by OfferUp (which apparently means nothing!!!). I paid by cash and the phone was working for six months and then got blocked by T-mobile. T-mobile let the phone work for a couple of months even after you stop paying your bills, but they will block it eventually. I assume the same thing happened to me, the seller bought the phone from T-mobile and stopped paying for it when he sold it to me and after a few months T-mobile blocked the phone.

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Thanks @goblin,

If the phone number can’t be used for contacting that person what is the difference between a seller with TruYou and the one without it?! How can OfferUp claim that I can trust the seller because they got their contact information if they don’t use it to help me out? Isn’t it some how supporting scammers and making OfferUp super safe for scammers?

It makes sense that OfferUp doesn’t share information with me, based on my story, but I was hoping that OfferUp will help me out if I have something like a filed police report.

Do you happen to know how long it usually takes the support team to reply?

Yeah that was strange for myself that I have all my items under Buy Item and this phone is the only item removed from my Buy list! Hopefully support can bring it back for me.

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You just "Schooled" me!
Have never dabbled in the unlocked phone arena---
Good to know, JIK... 👍

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"unlocked phone (which means that phone was paid off)"

As I understand it it actually means that the phone is not locked to a certain carrier anymore.

You can unlock phones after a certain bill cycle nowadays or it can be factory unlocked.

My assumption is they did not pay for the phone in full or they had a bill they did not clear.

Anyone else reading, meet at a carrier to verify that the phone is clean / paid and was not stolen.

An admin may be able to escalate your case when they get the chance.

@Elin @Mj_206

OfferUp states that the advantage with TruYou is accountibility — since an ID is provided and can be traced when signing up for it.

You'll need to wait on a reply from support, not sure if they're back logged with reports at the moment.

Keep in mind that your issue has many variables and they may ask you to work with police (file a police report) if the item was stolen or to file a civil suit.

If necessary.

It may be easier to resolve if they're TruYou

From OfferUps end they can provide any info to law enforcement they have on the user.

They are not a collection agency.
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Hi there @SJazani! I went to look into your case for you and it looks like you have not written into Customer Care. You're only supposed to have one account but is this a new account by chance, and you wrote in on another?


When you write in, they will be sure to help. Thanks @goblin for helping in the meantime! 

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Goblin has made some good points, but to elaborate...always meet at a carrier's CORPORATELY OWNED store, as many reseller's try to position themselves with the same store front, but have no incentive to help you.


BTW, an unlocked phone is unrelated to a "paid off" phone. I have written about this before, but most people would not be able to afford the full cost of the newer phones if they were to pay the "full price" up-front. The carriers make them affordable by shifting the cost of the phone onto the contracts.


There is nothing that OfferUp can do for you since the phone was purchased in person. The transaction is finished, as OfferUp has to operate within the limitations of its own TOS. It was not illegal for the seller to sell the phone (unless...you can prove that the phone was stolen at some point in time, but you will not get a refund even if it was stolen), which is why the police will not issue a subpoena/warrant to OfferUp in order to contact the seller.


My suggestion to move on and in the future, make an informed decision.