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Hey guys!


I'm looking for some book recommendations. I recently finished the book Invisible Influence and it was so eye-opening and helpful. I instantly signed up for an Audible subscription and now I have 6 credits to use.


So. I'm interested in hearing any good business related books or self-care related book recommendations. Go ahead and share your favorite books! Smiley Very Happy

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1. "The Art of War" Sun Tzu
2. "Who Moved My Cheese" Spencer Johnson

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Oooh - good call, @LapuaThe Art of War is great! Smiley Happy

I'll have to check out #2!

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“ The art of racing in the rain”

I’m not sure it’s exactly a “business / Self care book”. However, I find that it was motivating. Perception has a lot to do with it. Just the story makes you want to get moving with your life.
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If you enjoyed "The Art of War", you might want to give "The Book of Five Rings" by Miyamoto Musashi a read.

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@Mj_206 how was that book eye opening? i have not read it,,just about it a  little,,,,,someones review,,,,,and about the guy that wrote it,,,,,,,,i have a few books to suggest,,,,,,,but i usualy only suggest them to certain people ,,,,,,after  knowing a little something about what they already believe,,,,,,,,the first book though i can recomend right off,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the book of matthew in the Bible,,written in the New International version,,because its easier reading than old english,,,,,,,,and my recomendation to read it is not having to do with religion,,,,,but having to do with the fact that its the oldest writing where we can hear some of the  ideas taught by jesus ,,,,,,this is an excelent  read even if you dont believe in a god,,,,,,,,it helps teach us how people work,,,,,,much like the book you said you just read.,,,,,,,,,it a two hour read.,,,,,,,,,the next book i would suggest was written in around  1950,,,,,Im curious,,,,,,,,,why do children hate broccoli?

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@cyclomatic wrote:


I hear this is a good one:

"The Procrastination Cure" by Jeffery Combs


I just haven't gotten around to reading it yet!!

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-Ciao' @Mj_206-
---Currently exploring the read...
"Conversations with God"
an uncommon dialogue---

Author is, Neale Donald Walsch
Just started, believe this is a Trilogy read. WOW... so far!
Mind Blowing...

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Very witty! 😁