New offers submission platform for PC users and a few other bugs

Level 1

- I'm selling a lot on other ptaforms and very little on OfferUp. For users like me creating OfferUp listing on Smartphone is pretty painful. Instead of copying my eBay listings for instance, I need to go and re-create every listing and retake all images from scratch... 

- No customer support link besides Twitter? Really? Do I need Twitter account to sell?

- The update last 4 digits of SSN form customer receive has incorectly aligned placeholder and style formating. What you receive on the screen is 6-7 firlds with 80% of the titles hidden. I had to guess what to enter and where!

- For some reason 70% of sellers do not realize their listings have shipping option...


Overal nice website but luck of programming skills (or most luckly QA), no customer support, non-transparent customer and seller protection and customer facing solutions need a lot of  improvements.

Level 9

That's the alternative to twitter.

Posting from PC was only available for a short period.

PC posting is more susceptible to scams / spam, creating a script for that is rather easy, it's likely one of the reasons it is still being worked on.

Craigslist suffered greatly from this, it's desolate over there.

I never liked the fact that the shipping option is on by default either.

Then again, users are purposefully leaving the option ON to possibly garner more views.

People really have to go out of their way to leave it on.

I agree that the app needs more tech / support staff, especially to deal with the influx of reports.