Newbie tips for delivering sales?..

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One of my questions is when making a delivery should I always have someone with me?..
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Welcome to the Community Forums @MikoP3. That's personal decision you would need to base on your comfort level to start with. I'd imagine just from posing the question you have some apprehensions? There are many threads with tips and advice regarding safe meeting pratices. Some are:
Meeting in high visibility areas that have cameras such as Home Depot.
Choosing locations like police stations or the parking lots of them.
Never travel to private residences or unfamiliar areas alone
Don't meet late hours or dark locations.
Letting others know about your meeting and where abouts.
Many more tips and advice are availble. Check the conversations and continue to stay engaged. Throw around some kudos and share you ideas, opinions and experiences.
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Hello @MikoP3

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Having someone with you is a personal choice.

Check out Community Meet Up Spots here

They may have some locations in your area.

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It's really dependent on the circumstances of each sale/buy.
I have been very fortunate to not have had any issues with any past transactions. However, I also live in Arizona State, a right to bear arms, and people respect that anyone can carry..... So theives and such proceed with caution.
Also, everything mentioned in the previous replies by forum community. Thanks being said use common sense, and always let someone know where and who your meeting.
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Aaaand, you can meet up at a  Safe Trade Spot! Welcome to the community, @Ezzy Smiley Very Happy

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@Ezzy the visual in my head is like a wild west showdown with guns drawn and the items in the middle! Seems to me a valid reason not to be a thief.
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Hey, you just described Tombstone, AZ perfectly @RevivalGypsy Smiley Wink

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I think it's also a good idea to have a friend, etc. go with you to the meeting place.