Not about what you sell, but how you sell it

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You are selling your self, your persona, your lifestyle. Everyone buys everything, how it is sold to them makes them buy it. Amazon sells the same products as your local store, they just deliver it to you same day. Awesome strategy to sell something you would have made a short trip to purchase. So think like Amazon, better yet, do what Amazon can't do and that’s providing your uniqueness to someone you’re about to interact with. People pay for an experience and some pay premium for a unique experience. Don’t think of the sale as a transaction, make it a memorable moment. That experience will be paid forward and it will spread. Maybe you find that niche and own it. All because people like who you are and share that experience with you rather than a dot com.
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@Mightyjew I like what you have to say! It's good advice. Would like to see more from you! Thanks for the great post.

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@Mightyjew--Very powerful words that ring so true!! I hope you continue to share your thoughts, ideas & experiences!! Thanks so much!!
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Very well said!