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Ya but not all crazy something easy you know
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Amen to that !!
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Like what hun?
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I know this is and old thread, sorry but I just want to bring it back to life, I think the past few posts shows exactly the kind of services that posting on offerup would be very useful. Kudoes to certain HVAC guy, tax preparer and dude with trailer for posting your biz without actually soliciting...

Let’s not talk yellowpages, to find services now it’s either yelp or thumbtack(porch, homeadvisor etc.) yelp is great but you must have a physical address(unless you’re a taco truck) and for the latter (thumbtack and such) I’m going to lump them into the same group. In my experience the professionals are no more or less pro at their job. Only difference is that they are verified and background checked. Plus it’s a paid to get paid type arrangement which only works well for well established businesses. Then there’s Craigslist which is now getting outdated and honestly cluttered with irrelevant post. So I really believe this is where there’s a gap between the yelp and thumbtack et al of the world. And I believe in offerup enough that I think offerup can nearly fill that gap. Offerup is a great way to connect, and that’s all that’s needed, just to connect. People looking for service and service provider can exercise the same caution( like meeting at a public place) as they would as buyer and seller and it’ll be all good.
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Here’s and incentive for decision makers, a business model for making money.

1) to post a service, member but be Truyou verified,
2) to post service you must pay subscription fee, say $4.95/month(consider it a monthly bump cost). But you won’t be charged til your first review. Yes some will try so keep going with out paying as long as possible but it’s incentivized both ways. For service provider you won’t be hesitant to pay without knowin whether or not you’ll get business, for offerup the service provider will want that first review because reviews matter in getting a business started.
3) offerup should use the subscription fee to maintain the services page so it won’t be flooded with ads like cars section if you what im talking about

I already post services on 5 miles and I get a lot of messages, there is a demand on these buy sell apps. And offerup user base is much more active, and bigger I think( idk but just based on activities I think so). It’s almost as easy as just adding a service section.
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Is counterfeit allowed here now?? There are sooo many!!
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For over a year I ran an ad for swamp cooler repair and got plenty of work and lots of interest since most jobs were 50- 100 and done locally I was happy with the extra income that allowed me to buy more tools materials items from site and resell too...however recently my ad was removed and with no warning dorect message or email to my account im assuming i was grouped in with intangible items or services offered since im sure i never had any negative feedback or experience from sellers buyers or clients. I work as i sell fair straight forward good product at a great deal thats my secret to success. I made sure to be clear and up front with pricing and compared my asking offer with actual retail value online. It was great while it lasted and i helped alot of families on a budget in my area cool down during the extreme heat waves we've experienced in so cal. Ive also noticed some Paid Ads from HVAC Companies who may be behind Ad Offer removal of independent local handymen like myself who helped build the app over past few years.

Apparently your reading comprehension skills need a refresher. Forums are for open discussion. As we read this forum there was a lot of discussion on whether not services should be allowed on the platform. Many pros and cons were discussed. If you had taken the time to read at the bottom of my original post we tagged the community manager because we want to get feedback from the community manager. If our intention was to blatantly ignore posting guidelines we could’ve put up a post in the regular sale section advertising our services. But as we had previously pointed out, we read in the posting guidelines for selling items that at present services are not supported. Apparently you don’t know the difference between a forum discussion section, and a items for sale section. Should the community manager want to see exactly what we were referencing regarding our services, the link was added. It was appropriate in this context. We are in a discussion forum. It would not be appropriate in the general SELL section.

Now you’re a little butt hurt because we added a link to what was supposed to be an open discussion forum. Before making this post we read a lot of people having issues with running the app on a non-android device. We have the app running inside an android emulator, and are able to import images and text descriptions with a few workarounds. There appears to be a lot of people that would like to use this application on a laptop or desktop. So if we take the time to make a instructional video on how to do that, based on your reaction are we supposed to censor this knowledge because it hurts your little feelings.

Well here is another URL link that is posted in this forum:


See if that triggers your sensitive feelings, and when management wants to actually have a discussion about adding services we would be happy to participate. FYI: if you look at the career opportunity section of this platform you’ll see that there is a lot of openings for front end and back end developers. From that it’s easy to see that management wants to take this platform to a larger level than just a neighborhood garage sale. Services would add to that growth.


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@headsup-it_VoIP links arent allowed on the forums as per community guidelines. Please remove any links from your posts.


I thoroughly read your post. The forum is to share info/ideas in regards to the app itself.  It is NOT a totally open discussion on all subject matter, since some posts will be deleted (like your oringinal post).


You blatantly marketed your business and included a link (knowing that it was against the guidelines). You can E-BEG all you want in regards to the option to post "services" on the app. It will most likely not happened anytime soon. It's been belabored to death (if you decide to search the forum) on all levels.


BTW, the community manager deleted your original post. Perhaps, that is an answer for you.