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I think it is a great idea.
Just submit a copy of your business credentials to OfferUp and they VERIFY who's real or not.

They could charge a small processing fee to examine your documents.

No documents.
No service.

Gotta love it!
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Hello @KenathBenNathan, Thanks for sharing.

Welcome to our forums. Wishing you all the best with OfferUp. What is your reason for joining? The selling or buying part?  Be sure to let us know if you need any help. We are here for you.


Sorry, but what I do in my personal time is my business. Nosey neighbors and unwanted phone calls are invasive enough but now you want my full-life disclosure.
So, say, I've been in many Treasury Management positions and in one job I was actually given full responsibility of all cash transactions recording and review. I could have stole 25 million a day for the four years that I worked there and nobody would have known. But I didn't. I took it to my boss and told him that I would no longer to do the job that it wasn't right.
Now fast-forward to the present. I went through a terrible divorce and got a DUI and have a failure to appear misdemeanor warrant. How does this apply to the service that I provide to a client. It's irrelevant. Another example would be if a person chose to smoke marijuana off clock. That is no one's business. So there is a definite gray area
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I have a small painting company. and I also think it would be great to post a ad on Offer Up. At 1 time I did post a ad and 10 minutes later I was told my ad was removed. But it is hard to keep a flote today with out advertising some way or some how. There are ads that look very close to what I posted and they go on for days. Also other sites will allow you to post an ad so i think it would be here also. Offer Up has ALOT of followers and they are the ones we are looking for.
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Hello @Lilhartly,

Welcome to the forums and thanks for sharing.

Are you a personal assistant?


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I love this idea! I am a single mom who was recently laid off from a job that I worked 50-60 hours a week for. I decided to turn my lemons into lemonade and started my very own cleaning business! I would love to be able to reach out to the community and get the word spread faster!

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Hey @Ithappens,

Please remember that:

advertising and passing out personal information goes against community guidelines.

Community Guidelines


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I have gone through Craigslist for several years. I have had many positive results, as well as many negative.
I recently posted for a tile job on my home. Scott Guthrie gave the most reasonable bid and showed his business license and showed me his drivers license. He said everything we wanted to hear them agreed to start the job the next day. 5 days of no shows and excuses from having to take his grandson for circumcision, waiting on test results from the hospital, then being knocked out by meds given from hospital, getting rear ended on exit freeway on route to our house, to his road being closed for repair. He scammed us for the $700 he requested down and then when googling his name found out he was the uncle of the boy who slit an elderly woman and her daughters throats in echo lake during a bathroom remodel in 2015. He was also present when his nephew went on a 'thrill kill' and only called 911 after dropping his nephew off at home. Its a spooky crazy world out there. Offer up is too good to risk the faultiness and lies that come w hiring help to work in your home.
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Wow that’s one crazy experience, did you report it? You have his DL info
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Yeah @Jenjenthe10, This is a crazy, spooky world we live in.

Be safe out there!