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I agree to a point. I've met and hired someone that others wouldn't give a thought to hiring. All because of a mistake in their past. Yes, allow me to reiterate, a mistake. But, this person was forth coming, told me of the incident, and politely offered to leave if I couldn't give them an honest chance. Because of the forthcoming, I did. This person made a mistake, paid their due to society, changed paths of life, and has never looked back. That person not only continues to succeed now, but became a friend. Yes, I would have liked to known about this prior to our meeting. But there are people who have made "mistakes", but overcame the society glitch, so to speak, and moved on to be productive members of a community.
Just a little food for thought.
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Hello @DeBo1, Excellent food for thought!

I have a  quote to share on this topic:   Smiley Happy

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.  --Bard

I see that you are a new member so... Welcome to the forum! Thanks for sharing.

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As @Shupat said, welcome to the forums! We're happy to have you here Smiley Very Happy


I'm a firm believer in transparency and being forthcoming with others. I feel like it's the quickest way to build trust between people and make an honest connection. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time - nobody is perfect - so I completely believe that people can put a mistake in the past, grow from it and move on. Thanks for sharing your perspective, @DeBo1

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Yes, I’m 100% with you.

I have been in the cleaning business for over 7 years and I will like to be available to offer my services here too.
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Hello @FridaCS, Thanks for sharing.

Welcome to the forum.

Take a look around the different forums and ask questions, hand out a kudo or two.

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Um guys...this is for discussing the pro cons and interests if having a “service” category, not a place to advertise your actual services...tho can’t blame you all for trying, taking every opportunities is the mark of good business people after all

It’s a great idea. I usually work from word of mouth and social networking. It pays the bills and never is boring. I offer my services to people who have lost a loved one and need the home emptied and cleaned, I also do personal shopping, pet sitting, house sitting and work a full time job on top. I’m trying to start up my own company/store where I do clean outs and personal shopping for people. Would be nice to advertise on here too.

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Hi my name is Shawn Coller and
I am looking to do any labor, landscaping Framing Tree trimming or picking up trash, dog waste or anything someone else dose not want to do.
I am only asking for donations ..
I have tried to come up with creative solutions for EARNING money..and I will do the job to your satisfaction or I will refuse payment. I'm not doing to well here in saltlake, and it's making me have PTSD..and just want to go somewhere that I can live in a house/room, or apartment for 350.00$ to 400.00$ all utilities paid..I'm on disability and I can't afford to get my own place here in SLC..and I am freezing cold every day and night in my van...but I'm grateful for any work and don't want to bother anyone..I'm very sincere and desperate to relocate.
I don't panhandle, and the state won't give me food stamps. (I can't work with computers well.....I a m pleading for your help.. god bless.

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There are lots of side gigs apps like TaskRabbit and Takl, not to mention the likes of uber and lyft. The forum might be too broad for someone to pass by and see you and actually hire you...