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On the contrary. ..I have hired plenty of people off of OfferUp. Landscapers, Movers just to name a few of them. You can usually get a pretty good deal
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I think certain services should be made available, however certain just shouldn't be. At least not without the full background checks etc. If you are soliciting services for yard work, computer repair, car washing,
mobile automotive repair, fence\exterior painting, or Garage\Basement cleaning services, your customers satisfaction would be acceptable in scenarios like that. However in cases where more security is needed such as Legal services, Stock & Trading advisors, Accountants, Real Estate agents, Home visit Medical services, and ESPECIALLY!!! live in senior care services should all be vetted EXTREMELY HEAVILY before solicitation of services could be made possible.
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Do you have a service to offer?

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Legal services. That do not need an attorney to represent you. People have misconceptions about the law, and how things work. For example we offer divorce service at my office. No attorney is required no court hearing in most case scenarios and the other party does not have to sign in order for your divorce to be complete. We offer low cost legal document prepartion services court filing and process serving at our Downtown Riverside office. Attorneys are avail upon request for limited scope only. Pay for the day! If your interested in a legal career and want to receive hands on free training contact me or if you need family law civil law or probate law help we are here to help.less legal stress document prep downtown Riverside behind Carl's Jr.
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you have to do research on that person's business and get some reference from some of his or her previous clients and to see his work on a spreadsheet or on his phone with pictures
I am maintenance man of aparments.
For 15 years
My skills are
* pumbling
* electricity
* flooring
*and air brush art .
Thanks for reading this post.
I speak spanish to
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I've been trying to get offerup to have a "services" section ever since I downloaded it a few years ago. I think it would be a great idea. I've posted my services before, and in minutes it would get flagged. I would even pay for my own background search and pay to post my service. Even for the few minutes that my post for services would slip through the cracks, I'd get flooded with messages. After I was flagged 3 times they banned me. Believe me when I say this, they don't play games when it comes to posting your services on here. It's understandable that there are liability issues for them and they probably prefer to avoid possible lawsuits/injuries/etc. But if they started a new services section with guidelines and regulations/fees/background checks, I would totally do it. And if they add a more refined/detailed rating system, it could be very lucrative for service providers and offerup as well. Come on offerup,, please consider it!
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Feeling shut out. I have a legitimate service with lots of satisfied customers and there is no way for me to reach anyone here. It's really unfortunate and I'm quite disappointed that there is no offering here for honest service providers like myself and many others who have valuable services that are in demand.
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What regulations/guidelines would you put in place for service providers?

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Hi I’m a Personal Assistant and operate “Sanity Savers Personal Assisting Services” in Santa Clarita Ca. Thumbtack, Taskrabbit and Instacart do a very minimal background check. They do not require you take or pass DOJ background check. Do not be lulled into a false sense of security.