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I love that idea @TimelessWealth. I too, love love hitting the bag. Just picked up some new Rival bag gloves. Found some good training apps and timers too. Can't wait to get started again! Where have you taken the idea since you posted?

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HI @SandCCarpet welcome to the forum,,,,,,,,,,,love to hear your opinions in all the other topics here in the forums

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Hello @SandCCarpet

Thanks for sharing!

Welcome to the OfferUp Community  Smiley Happy

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Thank you @0317. Actually I love offer up as both seller and biyer. I just found these forums. Hopefully ill find mpre time to check them out #
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Thank you
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Lowest I ca expect is $75
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@SandCCarpet Welcome to OfferUp Community Forum. I agree with you 100% about check out local business owner with insurance, works creditial and references. I recently have some works done to my house and saw your post wishes I knew this sooner. Like you said "Contractors didn't mind if they're reputable and done decent works to show proof of their works. I have run into shabby contractors in the pass and had learns very value lesson here on. Thanks for sharing experiences on local business works. Kept up sharing with us.
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I offer home security . I work for Brinks
I can do everything over the phone, without going to your house . I will have to ask more questions .
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I know there are some companies out there that are like that but my company Brinks isnt like that. We provide home security at a reasonable price.
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-Ciao' @cyclomatic-

---How are the new "Rival bag gloves working out?
Just Curious... 😉
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