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Welcome to the Community Forums @JohnBr77. There are many topics you may want to check out and contribute to here. Ask questions, share your opinions and ideas. Offer help or share your experiences. However, soliciting in the forums as well as intangible services anywhere on OfferUp is prohibited. I hope you'll take time explore the forums.

The Rival gloves and heavy bag are still pristine. Long-story-short, still recovering from injury so itll be just a little bit longer before I'm ready for action.
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That's an awesome idea if we could just make it where we are not meeting with weidos
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The problem with thumbtack and home advisor are the outrageous cost of the leads. I don’t mind paying for them but they take advantage of the few options that are out there for small businesses to try to reach out to new potential customers. Maybe there could be a way that thumbtack could create a word of mouth or referral system where customers can go in and say something good about a company they hired and who ever sees it and wants to hear more can click it like the for sale item pics. There has to be a way that customers can leave a kudos for a business without the actual business going bankrupt on empty leads that are given to 5 or more of the same customers and have to beg for reviews of referrals from customers. I think a company who does a good job and offers a fair honest reliable service shouldn’t have to pay to be seen by their potential customers. I’m open to having a brainstorm w offer up staff and maybe a group of actual users who have used it for a while could get together and develop a services offering page giving the end user full disclosure that the listings are from customers not purchased or paid for or endorsed just giving people a place to voice a job well done somewhere
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Yeah that would be cool it’s a great client base to build business with
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I agree with you. I offer affordable tax services and I’m mobile, which offers great flexibility to accommodate the individuals schedule. I would love to be able to promote my services on this platform! People need to know they can still get a cash advance up to $6000.00 without having to go to these over priced tax services!
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Hello everyone! I am the proud owner of the brand new air conditioning company HVAC Ninjas LLC.. And have been doing this work in Central Florida my whole life,.. 

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I have a truck and trailer and would be happy to be a runner of heavier or more awkward fragile items even. If a mileage meter, such as my Google Maps was used. I would charge according and wouldn't mind sharing my location with OFFERUP Admin. Just a though.

I am reliable, I have nice teeth and a good man. I don't dress fancy. I am also legal and insured.
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I’m with you on this one ....... 😌