OfferUp Shipping Options fir Live Plants Priority 1-3 days Special Handling

Seller wants to ship USPS priority ,1 to 3 day live plants but it appears OfferUp only ships first class. Can i arrainge my own shipping label? Or will OfferUp offer me a usps 1-3 day Priority shipping label? OfferUp seems to offier little choices for the seller who wants to do the right thing. It appears as if the blanket approach shipping options are created by folks who don't shop through postal services.
@SeriousorFocas no you can't do your own shipping labels but the first shipping option is first class the others are priority mail
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Hope this helps but.many years ago a very sweet lady shipped many plants to me which I had purchased via EBay. She took time to make sure that the packing of all these delicate starter plants were wrapped tenderly with damp paper towels or cloth and wrapped plastic w rubber bands around to keep moisture around he roots but poked a few holes to keep any mold from from growing. 28th this little extra effort nd love she built a successful little side business along w friends. I don't know if that will help but hope it will..