Offers aren’t Offers at All

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Perhaps these things have been discussed before but I’m going to suggest these changes anyway.

I’d really like to see the functionality of “Make Offer” changed so it’s actually an offer and not just a canned message with no meaning. It gets aggravating responding to “offers” that aren’t offers at all but new users who don’t understand how to use the app. I don’t like having to respond in order to keep my response rate at 100% and then never hear from the person again.

Another scenario that would benefit by an offer initiating the payment process is shippable items. I offered shipping on an item and the help is so poorly written, the user couldn’t figure out how to make a payment and I lost the sale. Users need to be guided through the process without having to think too much about what they’re doing. The easier the process, the more it will be used.

At the very least, there should be an informational alert displayed to the user when they click on Make an Offer. It should say something along the lines of, “If you do not intend to to purchase the item, do not use the make offer feature, send a message.” The word message should be a link that when tapped, the message panel appears.

I enjoy using OfferUp but the app needs some useful improvements and they aren’t difficult to implement.
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Welcome to the community, @Whitesoles, and thanks for all this feedback!


I totally agree - there are definitely some improvements we can make to the "Ask" and "Make Offer" buttons you see. Personally, I'd like to see a "Call" button listed there so I can easily get more info on the item/location. 

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Good point @Whitesoles. It's even happened to me, being too quick trying to save something and accidently sending the aleart to the seller. I always follow up immediately though to clarify my mistake. I know that's not usually the case though. Thanks for sharing that idea....I agree with you.