Offerup creating a shipping label heavier than what seller claims

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I have been shipping on Offerup and noticed that my recent sales have been overcharged on shipping. 

My customers got charged way above the amount  declared when I posted  the items. For exemple I said one package would be 3 pounds and on my shipping label it's saying the package is 18 pounds. How can I explain to someone that the box they are holding clearely is light weight and I charged them for 6x that amount? How can I tell them I'm  not pocketing that extra money?

I dont have access to the whole transaction to see how much the customer got charged but it blocked him to make another purchase on my store due to high shipping cost. I guided him to my store on eBay because this seems abusive. 

Is anyone aware of this? Someone from the Offerup team to speak for the whole?

Can the guy get a refund for the extra money he paid?

Thank you.


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I've sent 2 different items (different buyers) and noticed too that the shipping label from offer up said 18 lbs. The first box weighed only 5 lbs 6 oz. I wrote the actual weight on the box in hopes it would assist buyer if there was an overcharge. She said she was charged the amount that showed on my listing. So what happens if buyer is over-/under-charged for postage?
Also, why isn't the fee tacked on to the cost of the item? I didn't get paid for the packing materials I had to buy and am out the fee too.
Lastly, as a buyer, I filed a claim because the Lifeproof phone case I bought had the screen cut out making it useless. I cant find the status of my claim anywhere.
Seems like the whole shipping thing needs some work.
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I hope you sent an email to their support team because email is the only actual way you can reach someone who can take care of your problem around here.

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@Techiverse there is only so much us Community Helpers and Forum managers can do here on the forums. The best we can do is steer you guys in the right direction based on the information we are given.

However, I cannot help with shipping costs. I would recommend contacting support.
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@Sweetfinds Welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

Sweetfinds I would recommend reviewing @Mj_206 Community forum manager thread topic; What to do if you have an issue from the link below.
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Good luck getting help, I’ve been trying to cashout the money I received for an item I sold over a month ago and no one helped me .
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What's it that's happening? Maybe I can help you
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Thanks. I hope someone replies.
I need to ensure my customer is being honestly treated in every part of the transaction.
It would be great if you guys had a better customer service, because we are all already paying sales fees to use your app. Nothing beats talking to someone on the phone when you have a problem.
The app itself is great, I love it!
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@Auxcord is it possible OfferUp needs you to update your account through the OfferUp app.? OfferUp is partnering with the payment processor Stripe to enable sellers to accept electronic payment methods. Sometimes Stripe is requiring more personal information to verify identity. This was just a guess and not being able to access to your account I would recommend responding to your original response from customer care for more information how to resolve the issue your having. Remember if you’re opening multiple tickets just slows down the process. As explained in @Mj_206 Community manager thread topic; What to do if you have an issue from the link below.
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@Auxcord per our Payments team on December 10th -


"It looks like our payment processor, Stripe, needs some additional information in order to disburse these funds.

We've sent an in-app notification that will walk you through the process to provide Stripe with the information they need in order to move forward with disbursal.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter."


You never responded to this email, nor completed the steps. If you are still having troubles with the payment, reach back out. 

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What about my question you guys? can my customer get a refund?
You guys are already here, please answer.
Thank you!