Posts being taken down

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What's up guys, I'm new to community Offer Up but as of Friday, my Rolex posts are being taken down and I'm a 5 star seller and 100% genuine. Why does this keep occurring??? I posted three up within 1 hour
You have to be very care with your wording like if your put 100٪ real or genuine they will flag it idk they just expect everything to be real brand name so you shouldn't have to put that... idk crazy rules
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Sometimes my watches are 100% all Original, but I don't put that on all of them because sometimes we add bezels and custom dials that are not factory. And this barley started happening Friday, which is crazy because I have 3 years under my belt keeping the same format


Any items that have a high frequency of conterfeiting are being automatically removed by the algorithm.


My suggestion would be to sell elsewhere (in-person to watch brokers). There are plenty of people paying premium $$$ for used Rolex watches (including me).


If you want to dispute the removal, you can use the below link and select "Dsputing my item's removal" option.