Pro VS. Con Become Small Business Owner?


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Has OfferUp helped you become more successful with your business?

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The problem is not a lot of us get to work for " the man" and bring in a 6 figure income. I was slaving away my life with almost no time to spend with the family when I got home, and no money to be able to ever do much. Not trying to cry about it, but it got to be harder and harder to be optimistic. I slowly let everything I was working so hard for slip away. Now Im trying to bounce back with the lessons Ive learned, and still have to learn, and I still dont know if Im heading the right way. But I know what I lost by dedicating my time and energy into a job that in the end cost me more than I was willing to pay, and I was the loyal worker. I feel like that is a slow death. I want to try something new. I dont have anything specific in mind, but just the idea of doing things that you enjoy and making a living from it sounds almost like fiction. I honestly don't know what to think, but that maybe, just maybe, it is possible. I guess Im just more open to change, and possibilities than I used to be. I know that I have spent so many years being a loyal worker for businesses that I was mearly a Brick in the wall and I don't have much to show for it. Im trying something new. At least if I fail I will know that I tried. Im trying right now. Just trying to figure out what know? But it has to be something more than what was. And I refuse to let what was take away the hope for what might be..I appreciate all of your stories and feedback, and witty comments, and kind gestures. Im hoping that similar minds and hearts are already thriving small business owners. That's what this whole dream was about. Not corporate America pushing pencils crunching numbers to squeeze out another company jet. Its the people who understand that nothing is worth the cost of becoming that person. The one who sold their soul, and have no idea what its like to be themselves. Im trying something new. I want to be excited about work. About connecting with people with similar artistic talents. About connection with real people, without feeding in to the bs that they try to spoon feed us. I have always refused to just fall in line, and bite my tongue. Im hoping that similar minds will seek that same thing. Its not easy to speak up with everyone else mocking, but it is a lot worse in my mind to be a puppet. I want to put my faith in love, and the potential to enjoy life beyond what they say is possible..hopefully Im not the only one..
Good morning @TerryJones77,

What you discovered at this stage in your life I realized over 40 years ago.

What I discovered is what I coined in the phrase, "Without dreams and aspirations, a man is dead".

I realized when I was 18 years old that I wanted more than a paycheck and a place to live (today things have become more complicated and to that list one must add, insurance, a retirement plan, a team of lawyers, ... you get the picture 😊), I wanted to be happy.

But I realized that happiness could never be found, so I settled for being satisfied. So as long as I had enough for today and I could put enough away for tomorrow, I was satisfied.

I got married and had a family and those goals were extended, yet attainable. Everything was on track and I was prepared to retire at 55.

Then everything came crashing to a halt when I found out my x-w was carrying on an international affair and our children and my life was about to change in ways NO ONE could imagine.

I lost EVERYTHING to the incessant litigation my x-w brought on. I came to realize that her family had money and because I had to respond to her pleadings (40+ times), money drained like the waters in our deserts.

Ten years after the divorce and after being gainfully unemployed, I finally was able to regather and "be satisfied ". I was able to pay ALL my bills, put something away for the rainy day (401K), and even be able to go out and go camping.

You say camping? Yes, remember earlier I mentioned that "Without dreams and aspirations, a man is dead"? 10 years ago as I was in rebuild mode, I asked myself why I wasn't happy let alone be satisfied. What I stumbled upon was the fact that when I was younger, my passion for the outdoors is what (weekend camping trips) kept me going through the work week.

When I married, we stopped camping because she didn't like the outdoors. After the divorce, my children LOVED to camp and learned many life lessons in getting out of the city.

My dream and aspiration motto is what set the stage for the businesses I've started, finding satisfaction in finding the outdoors again, and now, getting through the debt I amassed because of my x-w.

You might say that's goal setting. Yes it is. I'll add it's refined goal setting because I defined my problem and I set out to obtain that goal (dream). Even if I don't reach the mount I set out for, I still win because of what I've seen and experienced on the journey and hopefully I've matured along the way. More importantly, I'm not standing in than small ravine scratching my head wondering how to get out, instead I'm way down the road if life with ALL those experiences under my belt (today, on my phone 😊).

So you've done the first step, stop, look around and orient yourself. You've done the second step, point to the mount at this time you believe will lead you to happiness (satisfaction). The the third step, will be the journey out of the ravine you're currently in. You're fourth step will be the next pinnacle so that you can reorient yourself and proceed toward that mount you defined earlier.

You'll accomplish your dream if you're patient and if your wife and family share that goal.

My best to you.

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-Ciao' @TerryJones77 & @TimsNewAndUsed-

Your Wise Words of Life Wisdom are appreciated!
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Only sharing my story hoping to help others if at all possible..but thank you for the kind words. We need all the positive vibes in this world we can get..
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Absolutely @TerryJones77 !

Surely, your Story will be an inspiration ☺

Much Success to You 👍
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Thank you. To you as well..It was nice to be able to feel comfortable and not judged. I think that you will find when people can be more comfortable with strangers, as we all encounter using this app, as well as accepted by the community with genuine positive energy, that it will be the most solid foundation a company could hope to achieve. With the scope of this app, it seems like yall are doing a great job..thanks again for the comment.