Problems with posting items

Level 2
Hey! I am posting items and they are showing up on my account, but when I look for them in the forum that I listed it in, it is not there. Anyone else having that issue??
Level 1
I’m having trouble just posting an item to sell. Anyone having trouble with this?
Level 3

No...I'm not having any trouble at all...sorry to read that you are.  

Level 2
Yes and when I'm trying to post it wont allow me. Been trying to post something for 2 days now! May have to ditch this site..very frustrating!
New Member

I'm having the same issue as you. Were you able to resolve your issue? I can even message or make an offer to someone. The message never get sent. I also can't receive messages neither 

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I'm having the same issue with my boat...its showing up in my offers folder, but when I open the boats & marine category it's nowhere to be found! I've edited the pics, title and description & still nothing! I've sold quite a few items on here & everything's been fantastic until this issue arose...not sure how to fix it. Any advise???