Prohibited items never removed or blocked if TrueYou

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Hello @Elin! It seems that users with TrueYou status has same privileges. I have reported many times items and user who sales it and it never was removed or blocked. For example, here is user that sales prohibited items
What’s wrong?
OfferUp employee

@1st This is a completely different team from me that works on this, with different tools. You have to remember, not everything we do behind the scenes is visible, but please know we do read every report and take action as necessary. 

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I have too reported several Burberry items to no avail. I have been reporting fake Burberry items but they are never removed. You can tell if there lines don’t match it’s fake. Labels not centered it’s fake. Stitching should be the same. If someone purchases a fake Burberry item I might have reported it but items are never removed. So will offer up offer a refund for an item that has been reported. My concern when it comes to Burberry they are selling fakes for the amount of an authentic.