Promotion scam? Refund?

Level 1
I made a post for a garage sale and went to buy the one day promotion for $2.99. As soon as my purchase went through, I checked my profile to view the post I made with the promotion but it wasn't there. My post was immediately deleted because it wasn't an "individual, tangible item" and it "didn't fit their guidelines". I tried to contact support but all they replied to me about was why my post was removed. I want my $2.99 back if I can't use it. I can't even use it on a new post. The purchase was a waste and can't even be used. What should I do?

Update: OfferUp Community Care replied to my issue and refunded me for the promotion I purchased. Thank you. For anyone having a similar issue, just keep trying and checking support.
Level 9
Keep trying support or their twitter support page.