Proper description and measurements.

Level 3
I have basically found out the hard way in my excitement to post and sell the equipment and Furnishings of my business, that I was not offering the information that people needed to make a offer. You all probably know this and have learned as well but I find myself posting photographs and people are consistently asking me all the dimensions and all the information.

So I began in the description going into complete detail. I measure the width the length the depth and the height of any thing I'm selling. Then I describe what it's made of is it Pine is it Oak Etc.

Now I'm finding that I sometimes have to put the dimensions in the actual first line of the product because the people are not reading the actual description. Then I find myself being a little bit rude or terse. And tell them it's in the description. then they get mean back and say it was a simple question can't you just answer the question. So sometimes I find that to be a little frustrating especially when I don't have time to go into detail when it's already written. So instead of being upset I just copy and paste into the message and then move on. I'm using voice activated text so I hope all of this makes sense this is just my input.