Running a successful business on OfferUp

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Awesome! Are you licensed and insured?
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Do you have proper business and tax licences?
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Did they also help to obtain proper tax and business licenses you need?
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Did they also help you to obtain all necessary tax and business licences you need ?
@rk1953a you would need to process those license locally. Online sales are different than local state sales. If you reach a certain amount of bank deposits they will send end of year tax forms.
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I wish everyone the best of luck. One day i will own my own business right my struggle is getting it off the ground..
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Tip: if you're selling over 100 items and they're not moving as fast as you'd wish ---> try taking a picture of all of them and making a "Bundle Sale." Make sure to update your items single post so that there's no confusion on the products existence but for me, I've sold a lot more when I add a "dvd player and speakers" to that one TV I was trying to sell. Bundles will be great around now being christmas time as well! Good luck!