Running a successful business on OfferUp

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There are many people who use OfferUp not only to sell items they no longer need or want, they actually make a good profit in doing so! Lots of members of the OfferUp community even make items to sell.


One story we’re excited to share is Greg’s. Greg began selling his handcrafted birdhouses on OfferUp from a collection of items he inherited after his dad’s passing. He’s dedicated countless hours to mastering his craft by building unique and whimsical birdhouses for others to enjoy. Most importantly, Greg was able to use the money he made from selling his birdhouses in a very special way.


“I started selling birdhouses on OfferUp a couple of months ago after speaking with a friend of mine who thought I would find success on OfferUp! I started making the houses a few years ago out of the old stuff that I got from my dad when he passed away. I wanted his memory to stay alive through these birdhouses. All the proceeds I make help fund my son Ty’s WSU experience. I’ve sold a bunch of birdhouses and I’m stoked about it!” - Greg from Puyallup, Washington


Greg’s story is just one. There are many more which you can read about here.


Have you ever thought about growing your own business on OfferUp, or thought of a unique way to sell items to make a profit?


How many of you have built an actual business on OfferUp? What kinds of tips and tricks do you have for others about what worked and what didn’t?

Share your experiences below. We will be reading and choosing some to highlight every month or so on our Blog. We can’t wait to hear about them all.


Always include dimensions/measurements! How can I decide if that fabulous hutch or dresser will fit?

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@Decades_Antqs Haha, very true! 

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Greetings to all....
I've been using OfferUp for a little over a year now and I find being honest on description of item/s as well for fair pricing anything can come out of what you desire to build.
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Welcome @SuitedAtomX! And you are right, being honest is very important as well as thinking fairly about pricing Smiley Happy

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I am a local vendor of snacks to local grocery stores. Recently I got the idea to use my delivery truck to start a small Moving and deliver service. With all of the large furniture and other items posted on Offer Up, I figured a delivery option would be appropriate. I only posted the ad a week ago and already got 2 gigs and many replies. I believe this is a start of a great side business.
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@Fasteddie Awesome! So glad to hear that.

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I started selling on eBay in 2000 and in 2003, I went pro and allowed that to be my full-time income.  That lasted for three years as Ebay/PP fees went up, the market got crowded, and rule changes made it much harder to sell.  While I have bought and sold since then, I started selling for the purpose of an income two years ago on CL and sometimes eBay until recently when I acquired a lot of items to sell so I am looking for alternative options and heard about OfferUp.

I am going to give this a shot but the not being able to post from PC/laptop is very frustrating and using my phone to post is not time effecient.


My tips for being a good seller - Lots of pictures, as much info as possible in description, fair pricing, and be on time when you meet.  If you go to eBay, you can search for the item and then select Sold Items from the left hand side which will give you an idea of the value.

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Maybe you can check out the Victorian abalone handcrafted brooche I have for sale, my price is not firm, it is an antique.
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Not To Be Negative...But Isnt that Prohibited On OfferUp...
I Posted a Lawn Service Ad...and Immediately Got Taken Down...Just Wondering🤔