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I take my pics with measuring tape in it (wjen I remember lol).
Have you considered flea markets, market days, (LOCAL) consignment stores or renting a craft mall space?
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@UndrpdMBAresale Oh, interesting idea! Has it worked out well for you?

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I first started using offerup to help my mom when she was having a yard sale. And after the success with that I started selling stuff I didn't want anymore. Then about six months ago I began making rustic furniture and decor. I posted of on offerup. At first I was getting few sales. After a couple months of posting dozens of items and not seeing any results I was ready to give up. Then one day the offers started coming and I was making sales. People were telling me how much they loved my stuff. I believe the reason for the turn around is because as I posted more and more of what I built people realized I was not reselling stuff. Now I'm selling regularly and its growing because I have repeat customers. And am getting word of mouth refferals from my customers. I have even began getting requests for custom jobs. So, I can say offerup has helped me turn a hobby into a business

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@Elin why dont you own a boat,,,,,,,,there are lots of them for sale on offerup

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Howdy! I'm new to offer up, and was just wondering if it is a good place to advertise my cleaning business? If so, how would I go about regularly posting for It? Maybe reuploading flyers type of deal?
Thank you bunches for any responses!
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hi @GhosalsCS welcome to offerup,,,,,,,,,,,unfortunately its agains the rules to list services,,,,,,,,,,only tangible items,,,,,,,,,,but one never knows ,,they might change that in the future,,,,,,,,this forum is a place to voice our ideas,,,,,,,some have said they would like to offer services,,,,,,look around the forum and get involved in some of the conversations


Simply look at a product posted check what it goes for online. Invest in it over and over start off small then go big. I started with car audio equipment. Such as speakers amps etc. Then i started offering my service to do installations. I buy and amp uo the prices to where a select few will buy and bam profits nonstop but acourse i take a few lil losses here and there.. Juat got to go at it again. My highest sale was a car. I had bought from a action and sold it on here for 2xs the amount. Its fun but it has its ups and downs thats normal were dealing with people from all walks of life here.. Choose wisely dnt meet up at night. And stay out of ppls houses.... Goodluck.
@rk1953a you would need to process those license locally. Online sales are different than local state sales. If you reach a certain amount of bank deposits they will send end of year tax forms.
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I wish everyone the best of luck. One day i will own my own business right my struggle is getting it off the ground..