Running a successful business on OfferUp

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Tip: if you're selling over 100 items and they're not moving as fast as you'd wish ---> try taking a picture of all of them and making a "Bundle Sale." Make sure to update your items single post so that there's no confusion on the products existence but for me, I've sold a lot more when I add a "dvd player and speakers" to that one TV I was trying to sell. Bundles will be great around now being christmas time as well! Good luck!

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how can I put my business up on offer up without it getting taken down or having my self blocked? I'm very interested in know and would love to know how what there is I can do, please get back to me as soon as possible
I do a lot of crafting for my business but I’m still having problem finding someone interesting! Most of my sales are not coming from offer up! Anyone wanna give me some pointers??
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Curious what you are trying to sell first...
If you look at my page! I make wreaths and centerpiece for all wedding or birthday or graduation! Varies of holiday!
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Would love to see your app items!
Are you able to create a Custom Profile Link yet? That would be the best way to view them.
I just set it up and thank u
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Great! @Kamcreation405
Now if you put:
"Personalized OfferUp Profile Links" in the search bar, you will be able to add your Personalized Profile Link to that specific thread. Whomever reads that thread will be able to view your items in the OfferUp app, by tapping your Personal Profile Link!
Give it out to your friends and family and even put it on business cards if you like.
GLTU and Ciao´ for now Smiley Wink
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Beautiful thanks for sharing. 👌🏾
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There is no way a business can be “ successful “ on offerup . After a while this site is a joke and management sucks . You guys have no respect for Sellers, worse than aMazon and Ebay .

Here is an example :

Your terms and conditions
Say sellers are charged a convenience fee of 9.9 % on every sale . Fine ... suddenly, offerup decided to changed almost 20 % on some items like that stupid $1.99 fee .

Business can’t sell on this site .

Ebay is charging me $.89 for the same transaction and I can do 10 x more sales than here. Why would I pay $1.99 and less sales on offerup?

Offerup business model don’t make any sense .

Thank you